Introducing Tavern Keeper - the second game being developed by Greenheart Games


My heart skipped a beat when I got the email. Game Dev Tycoon is one of my most played games on steam; I cannot wait to play Tavern Keeper!


Did they email something exclusive for newsletter subscribers/people who previously bought Game Dev Tycoon? I got an email from Greenheart Games in my spam folder yesterday or the day before but deleted it out of habit before actually registering it was from a legitimate sender, so I didn’t get to read it. And today I got the announcement email, but I was wondering if the previous email was something exclusive…


Looks like it’s be lots of fun! Love the art style. Quite disappointed about the 2018 release, but oh well. Can we expect to see gameplay any time soon?


No it was just a heads up about the announcement
Text in this pastbin in case you’re interested


Looks interesting, keep up the work.
Also hoping the game launches with mod support :slight_smile:


My biggest concern, is whether we will be interested in another year! It would be a whole different story if the release was projected in one year but lets face it, I forgot all about “Green Heart Games” in the last 8 months since I finished with Game Dev Tycoon! Maybe I am just speaking for myself, but if you offered an “Early Access” or a “Game Preview” where we paid for the game and played summer of 2017, it would help out with the wait (I would even pay full price).


In the timeline I see that Unity is used, so my hopes on a Linux version are high!
If you ever need to test a Linux build, feel free to contact me. :slight_smile:
(Running Steam on Linux Mint and very content with that).


I don’t think I’ll lose interest, but I get what you’re saying: 2018 is over a year away. As long as I get the occasional update, I’ll be satisfied.

Plus, the longer they work on it, the better it will be :ok_hand:

I’m just stoked that the game has Hobbits! Unless “Halfings” refers to something else in this world.


I love GDT! I have more than 69 hours (not mentioned to be joke) but this… It just looks so ugly and unejoyable :frowning: to be honest im your big fan and i spread the game around my friends to check it and give it a try, so i hope this game will not became a failure, since you want to release only in BETA in far 2018.
Best Wishes your huge fan :slight_smile:


Aah the Fantasy Tavern, a place of adventure in itself, an interesting theme. Just as I’m picking up low poly 3D modeling…
If you ever need UI/UX design for Tavern Keeper, look us up.

Our next game is also starting development…

Best of luck with the development process!


Are you taking sign ups for the Alpha?


Soooo god damn dank! :heart_eyes:


Yeah, it was exclusive to subscribers.
Well it does ask you if you want to subscribe to their newsletter so I wouldn’t expect they wouldn’t know your email if you didn’t subscribe.


It is true, I would probably forget as well but with all the reply emails I’m getting from them, I think I won’t forget that as easily if they didn’t stop sending me those emails.


I need to play now !!!


Well well well, look what we have here…


Anader wan,
And anader wan.
I do wanna play it to though.


Yay, Tavern Keeper sounds awesome, can’t wait to see more from you amazing devs :smiley:


Nice work guy’s looks very polished already! Can’t wait to try it & Mod it? :smile:


FYI - We’ve added a FAQ page: