Ideas for Tavern Keeper

So what ideas do you peeps have for Tavern Keeper?

What do you want it to have?

What do you want it to not have?

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I want it to have mod support, replayability (it’s spelled wrong for some reason), humor and a ton of easter eggs.

The gameplay shouldn’t be too easy and calm. Calm gameplay is good but there should be some conflicts like GDT had piracy alerts and AllYourIPBelongsToUs.

I agree 100%.

Mod Support is very important to me. And dramatic segments always keep gameplay interesting.


I would love to have a console support. I can live without it but it would be a fine addition to the game :slight_smile:
(Best would be Xbox exclusive, of course)

They were even a tad iffy on Mac and Linux support, so I doubt there will be console support; however, that would be a huge step for Greenheart Games.

Maybe one day… :slight_smile:

I want it to have a weird cracked version like GDT where it tracks it and it has some kind of gamebraking mechanic.
(The tracking is to tell how many people bought it and how many people pirated it, like GDT)

I’m hoping that Linux support is continued because I’m a Mint user and no longer have a Windows system apart from a couple of old XP laptops (although I can do XBox 360 if a console port happens).

Big fan of Game Dev Tycoon and absolutely delighted to hear that Greenheart are making another game.

This isn’t a type of game for consoles. Its just not desinable for consoles

We are definitely working on events that will keep you on your toes :slight_smile:


Xbox exclusive

Good one


Steam Workshop support, clean and fresh interface.
Also supports WinXP, Vista, 7 ,8/8.1 and 10 (32bit and 64bit)

Nah PS4.

hooh boy you’re triggering me to the extreme

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we need a medic!

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Support for both consoles or no consoles!

Hi there!

We’ve actually answered what platforms we’ll cover in our FAQ. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

That’s because Replayability isn’t actually a word. It’s a phrase used in the industry but actually isn’t a real word :slight_smile: Replay Value is the term, and everyone just says replayability lol

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Thanks for explaining :wink:

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