Ideas for Tavern Keeper


Nah PC


Planet Coaster?:joy:


I don’t really thing that’s going to happen in public.


i know, thats the joke.


I’d really like for there to be some form of progression with the tavern locales. Start with a tavern in some swamp backwater, expand it in the swamp, and eventually sell it, then move towards a fancy establishment in a city (with some other locations between the two to represent that progression). Different locales could have different patrons, events, mechanics, etc.

You can have fun with it too, doesn’t have to be a city; make a tavern inside a genie lamp to serve djinn. The fantasy setting has a lot of options and I could see that being an avenue for future DLC if not included in the base game.



They straight up say that in a few sentences.


I would like a ton of easter eggs. I think it would be funny if you put some GDT easter eggs having to do with the first game. also funny achievements “Achievement; Bad tavern keeper” earned (if you can go bankrupt) by going bankrupt within some short timeframe, however time is managed in the game. Also “Achievement; I remember that from somewhere” earned when something in the game happens that includes or is a reference to GDT (and the thing that happens, happens when a certain action is accomplished


Xbox exclusive? Have you ever wondered why every gaming or software company was so interested in Playstation? Well, that’s because it’s better!
Not saying that Xbox is bad, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to make a game with such quality an exclusive. Why? Because quality games should be available for everyone.
And for a small studio, consoles might not be considered for a game release.


It would be really nice if Greenheart Games made very detailed stats and advanced menus. I love it when I know what my customers want in tycoon games.

Game Dev Tycoon unfortunately didn’t have customization options for the offices. Tavern Keeper is a game that needs such a feature.

I have this silly idea of time traveling but that would never work. (unless it’s an easter egg ;))

What if we could create our very own meals? Like opening a menu in the kitchen and just begin messing with food. I can place a pork in the middle of a plate, an apple in its mouth, twist its tail and apply that thing people use on pork with a brush. And then call it Slaughtered Ham Un e Plat.
Yeah, I know, I know… the name is too good! Some people might lose their appetites because of how good the name is.


Yeah, I only use Xbox One because all my friends have it. Still think PS4 is better though.


If you watch too many movies, the Xbox is for you. But when it comes to gaming, the PS4 is better! Sony Recently launched a new PS4 that supports high resolutions such as 4k and HDR.


So did Microsoft :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Xbox One S. Or was it Xbox S? I’m not really sure. But, what I’m sure about is that the new PS4 Pro is better. Sony’s subscription plan PS Plus has more value than Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Of course, that’s not the case. It’s way more powerful and it’s got great exclusives!


Well, in the end it doesn’t matter. If Greenheart Games ever develops a game for console as well, I doubt they’d make it a console exclusive.


Yeah, me too!


Actually, it’s really expensive releasing on Playstation Store. It costs 2500$ to get a playstation developer kit, when it costs a couple of hundreds for an Xbox developer kit.


I would like to have it as an Xbox exclusive because of “Play Anywhere” :slight_smile:
Also Microsoft is very open for new games, I guess they would support :green_heart:games.

Anyway, it was just a little thought of me to bring it to the xbox. They could also bring it to the PS4 (/as an exclusive) or only for PC. :smiley:


Why exclusive, exactly? The game can be exported to multiple platforms! And, I think it would be better if everyone could play it.


Sadly Greenheart games is an Idie Developer Company. and that means Consoles like Xbox one wont support it.


To keep the discussion going a little…

I really hope Tavern Kepper has really good UI/UX. It might sound like a not-as-important aspect, but a janky UI is so distracting.