Ideas for Tavern Keeper


The Xbox One X has that too…


Exclusives are dumb, games should be available for anyone anywhere regardless of what they think it do. Even though the majority of Xbox exclusives are put on the windows store is still had business especially for greanheart to be selling their game on one or two instead of 5 platforms. Especially when people (like me) didn’t realise how good computers are when they bought their game console.


Plus console updates need (I’m pretty sure) a fee or licensed for ANY changes to the game, you also need to get the update approved so if it’s for a special event it may not be implemented until too late.


I want it to have some version of graphical editing because i have a gaming laptop and i want to be able to experience it in full 200+ fps graphics!


lol i thought pc’s would play anything like 1 ghz pc with 2gb ram could play cod bo2 with 60fps lol


I also want it to be free but with sort of a mobile game input where you would buy currency or gems etc… but for not alot of money but still not fully ptw(Pay too win)