***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


It’s really amazing Update.


I had forgotten to design the Hire popups…fixed that problem today :smiley:


I cant wait to Play this mod when it comes out :slight_smile:


Mid-September has passed :frowning: , but I am still patiently waiting for the mod


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We have had to rewrite most of the code that was done previously before our new CTO started working on it, that’s why it’s taking longer and we aim for end of September.


We hope to have beta testing available soon.


Been waiting sooo long it seams it’s going pretty well for you


BETA Is available for testing:


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BETA 0.9.4 is out now.


BETA 0.9.7 is out now.


I love The mod it makes the game interesting even if you have played it in years


BETA 0.9.9 is out now.


BETA 0.9.11 is out now.



Do you think you will upload the mod outside the steam workshop?


BETA 0.9.14 is out now.



BETA 0.9.16 is out now.


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V1 Has been released, relevant post here:


TAG Mod V1.1 Now includes TAG INSTAMOD. You can Individually enable instant Typewriter, Reviews and Convention in the games Settings page TAG Mod Tab.


Question: Do you also have to get the game through steam in order to download the mod?

Because I can’t seem to get the mod itself to be downloaded despite being subscribed to it.


yes, you have to have the game through steam at the moment.