***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***




The Info and Stats Screen is coming along nicely.

Game History panel is finished!

Game Cards are finished!

Review Screen coming along nicely.


GREAT NEWS! TAG MOD is nuder way. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress. Great thanks to @chizbejoe for joining the TAG MOD team and making this project go forward!

[UPDATE 7] Whats Happening?

I wanted to hold off on giving an update before I had anything concrete. So here is whats been happening so far. We were setting up our 2nd game, but someone beat us to the punch with the concept we had, Rock God Tycoon is pretty much what we were planning on developing. Now that that is out there we need to go back to the drawing board…

This might be it! @chizbejoe has offered to join our team on developing the TAG MOD, and we have concluded on moving forward with the project.

I’ll be giving an update once we have something concrete.

[UPDATE 6] TAG Mod [Update 6]

[UPDATE 5] Robo’s World…HAS BEEN GREENLIT! :grinning: It’s coming to Steam, weeeeeee! It has been an intense 3 weeks, that’s for sure. Now we need to start contacting youtobers and the press.

[UPDATE 4] Oh my lord…we completely re-hauled the graphics for Robo’s World and launched a brand new Greenlight Campaign! Been putting all my effort into this game the past 4 months! Give it a look and cast your vote! Also You can download the demo where you can the first zone of the game.

[UPDATE 3] TAG MOD is finally being worked on…Half Life 3 confirmed! Thanks to chizbejoe for reaching out to help with the development. I’m still working on Our game Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress, which is coming along nicely, we have made lots of progress and many changes to it, although we do need those votes on Steam Greenlight.

If you haven’t voted, check out the link in [UPDATE 2]

[UPDATE 2] My game, Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress, is now on Steam Greenlight. You can also play the demo! If you like 2D action platformers, check it out and cast your vote. Success of the Greenlight will help me devote time to TAG mod as well :smiley:


[UPDATE] Just to let you all know I’m currently focusing on our own game Robo’s World…before It releases I wont have any time to dedicate to the Mod. If Robo’s World does well, then I can make time to work on the Mod again. Till then I have to put a hold on the Mod. I might release all the graphical assets in the meanwhile if someone wants to work with them. Thanks for understanding and for the patience.

I have started working on a mod of my own, simply love GDT!

I’m creating this thread to keep people updated on my progress with this and see what you all think of the features Im implementing.

Why is it called TAG MOD?

TAG stood for Throw Away Games, which is the game company I owned, as of August 2018 it we re-branded to Bellwood Studios.

What will I be hoping to accomplish?

There are 3 things:

  1. New UI graphics (currently in the works)
  2. Update and add Artwork (near future)
  3. Add new features (undetermined)

I’m currently redesigning the UI and making the resources for it so they can be implemented in the game, here is what i have so far:
(these are designs and not actual in game footage)

(new) News item open

Default view: (you can see some new features in this image which will be explained below in the features point)

New Reviews window look:

The Development screen: (my mod will allow for multiple games to be developed, so you set the stages at the beginning, also you can have multiple floors, so you can hire more than 6 people)

News: will be staked to the left bottom corner and can be opened to view, critical news will open automatically. News also opens quickly with out the time consuming typing.

Staff options:

Main click options:

Game History:

Game Concept:


2. Artwork:

I plan on updating and adding new artwork to the game.

-new designs for the garage, office 1, office 2, large office.
-new platforms and graphics for them
-new graphics for own console
-graphics for custom hardware

If I come up with more I will update this list.

3.Features I would like to add:

-Improved UI
-Access company detailed financials (click the money bar)
-Easy access detailed Game history and statistics (info and stats btn)
-Competitors (you are not the only one on the block)
-Multiple floors (you can hire more than 6 people)
-Develop multiple games at the same time
-More Hardware development and production options
-Advanced MMO development (you need to buy/build server racks or even data centers)
-More R&D options
-Advanced Engine Licencing options
-Publish other companies games
-after the research of Grid, games stay on the market for as long as you see fit.

-balancing the game after all these features are implemented.

These are some of the features I would like to implement, I will add more if i come up with anything that would benefit the game and considering what is already out there as well. If you have additional ideas you would like to add, you are welcome to suggest them.

This is a pretty complex undertaking and Im not expecting to do this alone, I have colleagues who can help me, but as we have a lot on our roster any outside help is much welcome. If you like what I hope to have in the mod and would like to help out, let me know.

Any feedback on this project is welcome!


Competitor mod already adds that

Hope you get the success you deserve!


Image fail xD

I know, tho i might make it more in depth

ah sweet, i would love to help you, but i know very little about JS, maybe if i learnt along the way…

they should all work…

(you have to manually go to the urls, as a new user i cant post images directly)

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My business partner is a full stack developer (expert in js), Im a designer, so im learning as I go to :smiley:


Sweet, i would really like to help with this mod

You are welcome to.

Im going to finish the UI updates (designs) first. Once I lay out all the designs it will be easier to start the programming as we will have a visual aid to what needs to happen and how it looks. I will probably be done in a few weeks…

I`ll be updating this post as I go along.

P.S. What would you like to be working on

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Um, i’ll start off with ideas, then maybe i could move onto a bit of coding

I hope I get it done!


I love the shaded look, awesome design concept! Hopefully the programming part won’t put any limitations on the final thing (but since your partner is an expert, I’m sure he can do it) :wink:


This looks really great. For some reason I think it makes GDT look much more… ‘shiny’.
Now the thing I am wondering;
Won’t this be incompatible with a bunch of other mods that add UI changes, the menu and such?
Can’t wait for the release though e.e


So far, of what I have looked at how the game is built, I should be able to, but I still have to determine the scope of how much i can do…since its js, jquery and css, shouldn’t be a problem, I can probably crate code that uses my custom css to overwrite theirs.

It could, but ill try to have as much compatibility as possible and integrate the features other mods have to this…

Looks great! :smiley:

WOW :wink:

Great Mod

please dont double post about something that’s contextly the same.

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