***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


Any idea yet for a release date? :slight_smile:


Buy my estimates there is 2-4 weeks of work left. But due to the fact that all our programmers are busy at the moment, I can’t say for certain. I wanted to finish the project before summer (24th of June), but that is not happening at the moment so I’m aiming to get it out before autumn.


I mean, yknow I could help out if ya want. I got nothin to do anyway


Can you just upload beta ?


Good news! We have on-boarded a new developer to help with Our own projects and on the top of the priority list is finishing TAG MOD. So we might see a release by September. :grinning:


@Hitmen01 …sooooooon!


Hey do you plan add other languages ? If so I can translated in to my language


@Hitmen01 I think you can directly talk to the devs about Localization (language translations). Localization is something we haven’t thought about and would be at the bottom of the priority list, if we did. Feature completion and functionality would be first. You probably wouldn’t be able to do a “Official” translation, but under a language mod probably.


I can help you with programming I have some expirience with CSS


When will the mod be released?


Maybe this is answer for your question


Good News! We are actively working on finishing the MOD. Hope to have it done in a month or so…YEY!:smiley:


Nice! i have waited since March :smiley:


GOOD NEWS! Mid September is currently looking good for Launch of the MOD.


The Trainining UI Mockup!


We also have a discord if you want to join https://discord.gg/BZ7FTBy


im literally checking this thread every week for the past 3 months lmfao. im so excited holy shii------


U can join our Discord as well :slight_smile:


What’s the discord?