***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


I think I’m waiting since 2014 or 2015 but okay.


Ay, I really want this to happen, keep working hard Walcor, please try to get this out by that Q2 mark, this would really be incredible. Also my two biggest suggestions in the mod, like the DejKhan Expansion Pack, try to implement basic Custom PC’s, and Custom Prices for all of the games (WAY easier said than done, but if you can manage to do it, or have already discussed these concepts, I would really enjoy them, so would tons of other players in the GDT community!). Depending on the path you take with the mod, considering it’s so late in development. Please keep working on this, do it for the community, we’re still here.


I need this mod so much! I love your work keep going! <3


the other tag mod topic.



So, if everything goes according to plan we might see a release before summer!

This will be Phase I, which includes all UI changes and some features, that also came with 1.6 release.

2018 is the year.


Wow, I look forward to it.


You know, I just realized that the first post (Of this mod) he made was back in 2014.

I cannot believe it would take 4 Years, just to make a brilliant mod.


patience is virtue

we have waited 4 years for this, and now it’s so close to completion :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


wow…wonder when this will be released


Hopefully before summer this year.


Well considering im from Australia, Your Summer is like our winter :stuck_out_tongue:


just logged in for the first time in a few months to say congratulations on finishing this huge project. unfortunately everybody left :frowning:


Its not done


I realised that


Is there a download?


Once its ready there will be


Ok thanks
This mod looks amazing!


Take as much time as you need with this mod!
Rushed products can sometimes be bad and buggy!
When I saw some pictures for the console creation in the lab I noticed a scroll bar next to the variations text…what did that mean?


To allow for an unspecified number of variants. If modders want to add more than the stock amount of variants.


Oh ok.