***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


Many times I attempted to get a good MMO…stick to what you know. Love the fact that my 10/10 MMO was a Business Sim, my favorite genre, even in a sim game :slight_smile:


If Mobile allowed Modding :smile:



10 out of fucking 10




Ehh, Make it a 12


Impossible, max in gdt is 11/10


Make it an 11.5 then.

Just joking, I understand that the max is 11.


Looks Amazing! May I know when are you planning to release it?


hopefully Q2 of 2018


Again, I could help and maybe make that a bit earlier?


This doesn’t look like a mod, more like Game Dev Tycoon 2.0
Great Stuff!

Curious whether if the now hidden calculated Game Score will be included in stats?


Now hidden calculated game score?


In short.

Every time you get a high review 9+, you will set a Game Score.
This is the eventual score you’re competing against.
As long as you don’t beat that score, you will not score another 9+ until you do.
You will need to beat your own Game Score about 15-20%.

It is the result of slider settings, T&D balance, topic/genre match and total T&D and other factors

The complete algorithm calculation is written on the wiki, even though outdated.

ps. as an aspiring modder, you should know about these things :slight_smile:


I have looked into the source looking for the review algorithm, but I didn’t want to spend 2 minutes actually reading the code so no I don’t know about the review stuff


and that part of the wiki is the most destructive to players. We get soooo many comments from people that they hate how they have to ‘compete against themselves’ only because they read that wiki or heard the same thing from someone else. In reality the effect is very gradual and just simulates an increasing expectation of the audience.


How do I add the mod to GDT??


You don’t yet, the mod is not nearly done, it’ll be a while


The “competing” part could do with some rephrasing.
I am not a part of the people that maintain and edit the wiki-pages, so I don’t think I should tinker with at all.
For everyone reading this, wiki-pages are a very rough guide. Figuring what works and what doesn’t work is a matter of trying stuff out for yourself :wink:


How long will this mod take?..A few day/weeks or months.
I mean…when should I be expecting to get this mod?.. March,April,June…when?
And is there any beta version available for this mod?..I would like to try it out and hopefully send feedbacks too.


Has been answered multiple times in the topic, scroll up…