TAG Mod V1 Released


Yesterday We released TAG Mod V1 whilst Patrick from GHG was streaming it. Much thanks to @PatrickKlug for doing the stream.

Please join our Discord to chat with the team, see what we are doing and report bugs and issues!


  1. Subscribe to the Mod
  2. Open GDT
  3. Go to Mods Menu and enable TAG Mod
  5. Profit

-Full Compatibility with older Mods (some mods may affect the UI, causing some areas of the mod to not appear correctly)


-Generate Game Report:
Generate Report is now located in two places, the “Game Sales Card” and “Game History”, the latter is visible when going to game history and selecting a game, it will appear on the right side “Game Info” panel

-Game History: Game Info Panel:
Located on the right side of the “Game History” panel. Each developed game now displays the “Engine” used, “Features” used, “Dev Percentages” per stage and all gathered “Insight”

-Last Genre:
The Genre select panel now displays, at the bottom in blue, the last genre used by your game

-Training Tabs:
All training and specialization is now under its corresponding tab

-Staff Button:
Viewing Staff can now be done with the always on display button

-Info & Stats:
You can now view basic info and stats about you company

TAG MOD has Percentages shown in all of the Dev stages for that precision goodness


-Q: Will We maintain the mod?
-A: Yes

-Q:Will there be any new features on-top of those already mentioned?
-A:If we have the extra time and there are requests for it then it is a possibility. Most likely would be a New Convention screen as we have designs for it.

-Q:Will there be any new artwork?
-A:No promises, but If I get inspired then maybe.

-Q: Are other mods compatible?
-A: Yes, some are (mods that affect or add to the UI may not show correctly, let us know what mod you are using and what issues you encounter)



Congrats on the release! I’ve awarded you the ‘Advanced Modder’ Badge and gave you the unique ‘TAG Mod Creator’ Title. I’ll do a news post on Steam in the coming days to highlight the mod.




I can’t believe I’ve been waiting since 2014. Congratulations!!! <3