***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


Hello, something that we would like to those who are very technical is to have detailed which graphics and options were used in “X” game. Thank you :smiley:


More news in January!




Don’t worry guys I know how thsi shit works, I’m a graphics designer in an Indie game it we’ve been working on it for a long time and we are barely getting to anything new. Just me and one othr guy.


A quick Update on whats been going on…

I’w mentioned that I have been busy lately, that was due to the fact that I was working on the new AMD Link App, designing the UI/UX and the new Radeon Ovelay. Now that that is done, I’v taken on another UI/UX contract for another App.

We have a plan on finishing the MOD next year.



yes :slight_smile:


The new year is coming.I hope we get a demo or a beta


Doesn’t matter if it is a demo or a beta, I will be happy to be a tester to this mod.


Me too.



Yesterday I went through the Mod to see where we are at. As things are right now the Completion rate is 50% done with 23.4% of items being Fully Coded and 26.6% are Works In Progress with the rest having UI Concepts, but no coding done yet.

Just a quick update to let you guys know.

We are also looking into having a junior dev join us for a month and help knock this thing out. We will see how that goes.


Speaking about that, That It’s the 330’s Post there.

except this is 331’s post


I could help out developing the mod, I would LOVE to see this mod on the workshop ASAP, sounds AWESOME!!


@JustMaffie do you know JavaScript and CSS?


@walcor I only know JavaScript, I suck at CSS


@JustMaffie, I’ll keep that in mind, this mod is CSS heavy, maybe you can lend a hand in feature setup and development. Good to know tho.


Could I help test it then? As I said I would love to see this mod ASAP and use it a ton.


New Topic Picker…


Wow, all this looks AMAZING, can I please test already? I would LOVE to try that new UI


Still has some bugs to work out…as soon as its playable we will let peeps know.


I don’t care about bugs xD