***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***





Looks great!


Nice work, I can’t wait to see this mod release.


So Game 67 is a smash hit…

Still a lot of bugs to iron out, but I recon the Mod is some where 50%+ done.


When are you going to release it? I’m so hyped!


September 16, 3018


I’d like it to be end of year or Q1 of 2018. I’ll be more specific once development picks up again.


Good luck with development. :nose::nose:


I’m back guys, and I bring back with me a little gift :slight_smile:



Main Menu Concept…


Think you could make few adjustments and make the background so It could be changing imagines every 10 seconds or so?

Unless you’re trying to stay, “Very Original” as possible. Which is something I just dislike.


We will be focusing on more of the game enhancements for now.

I would probably have that as a mod module the user can switch on or off if they choose so.


Where can i download for try this mod ?


It’s currently still in development.


This looks amazing! The new UI really makes the game look more professional, and all of the new features sound interesting as well. Can’t wait :smile:


Been silent for a while… It’s been really busy here on our side. We are planning on having a meeting to address how and when we will be able to finalize the 1-st phase of the mod.


Been following development since 2015, i hope this gets released, keep up the good work!


Another question, is there anymore progress to the UI or sneak peeks we could see?


There is some stuff, some still WIP and some a just minor things like confirmation pop-up’s.