***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


:heart_eyes: Amazing bro.


My body is ready.


Game Release Screen Concept


When are you going for a beta?


Nothing is scheduled, but we working on it when we can.


If this comes out It sure will get me back to the game!


The new UI looks so clean and smooth, thanks for keeping this mod in development.


Ayyy, good to see you @Haxor

I’ve been absolutely swamped as of late, but I’ll be trying to get back on a roll ASAP.


I may be able to get extra help on the programming side…maybe.

These past few weeks have been busy for all of us.


I still totally like this mod


Trying to get some extra hands to work on it…


Wish I could help you in knowledge of programming, which I’m only a beginner of C#.
There is however, a forum dedicated to programmers. Called Stack Overflow.

You’ll thank me later :wink:

Note: The only reason I’ve post this in public, so anyone else, like me, could ask simple programming questions to professionals. And no, i didn’t post this just to advertise, but giving a helping hand to those who needs help.


i know of it, i use it whenever i do web stuff.


Sorry then, i just assumed you needed it.

Still going to keep the post as i mentioned earlier.


Is this mod still in development?


still is, just progress is slow right now.


Waiting since 2014 :smiley:


Me too :smile:. When I started this project in 2014, I had absolutely nothing on my plate and had all the time in the world. Now it seems I’m quite busy most of the time…man 3 years fly’s by fast.

Good news is that we have decided to finish the mod with our internal resources! So it will be done.

And thanks to ChizbeJoe for putting a considerable dent in the programming side.



To think this project started in July 2014, three years ago, and you guys are still finishing this. That deserves a thumbs up. :+1: And another two noses. :nose: :nose:


Hello , is it possible to have an incomplete version of the mod , to betatest it , and if you want , me and my friend will give you the bugs and the improvements that can be do … Please give us the actual version of the mod , we want to play with it a lot . --Chetrit