***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


NICE! :smiley:


Game History panel is finished!


AWESOME!!! :+1::heart_eyes:


AWESOME!!! :+1::heart_eyes:


AWESOME!!! :+1::heart_eyes:


Amazing :heart_eyes:


AWESOME!!! :thumbsup: :heart_eyes:


i see there’s GOTY badges on it… is the mod also featured game awards event or something and your games can win the awards and get the badges…? it’s really great!! :thumbsup:


It’s something we plan to implement once the UI re-haul is finished.


Made a Concept for the Pick Platform UI element.


I want to play this mod now looks amazing! :heart_eyes:


well… just some ideas… is it possible to categorize platforms in Pick Platforms UI, like this?

== Home Consoles ==

  • Playsystem
  • mBox
  • Oasis
  • etc.

== Portable / Mobile Consoles ==

  • grPhone
  • PPS
  • GS

== Other ==

  • PC

btw, UI design is amazing :thumbsup:


How Dare you put PC into OTHER…OTHER is for everything except PC. PCMR4Life! (read with humor :slight_smile:)


Is there a way to download this for use yet or are you guys gonna polish it off before you release?


We are still working on it.


¿El mod será compatible con la versión 1.5.11 ?


It will work perfectly fine with all latest versions. If you are using an outdated version, then I recommend you update.


oh no, i made big mistake… (LOL) well… PC should be in “Master Race” category… haha :sweat_smile:
anyway… could you do that? you don’t have to do it right now though… :slight_smile:


I want to see that when the mod is finish. I’ll laugh so much :joy:

This mod might let me play Game Dev Tycoon again if it goes well. :heart_eyes:

Amazing U.I and Features :heart_eyes: :thumbsup: :money_mouth:


The Info and Stats Screen is coming along nicely.