***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


i wanna ask something for this mod… is it okay?

  • about “More Hardware development and production options”… is it include portable / mobile platform development and can be sold with custom home console at the same time?

btw, this is great mod… if this was GDT game, Hype points would be 9999+ :heart_eyes:
Love it, keep your great job :wink::+1:

this mod would make GDT great again :laughing:

*sorry for my bad grammar :sweat_smile:


yall got scammed. last update was a year ago, this was just to get their game greenlit.


The Mod was started long before our game was even a thing. The development of the Mod got set on the back burner because later on we started working on our own game.


my b yall didnt get scammed time got scammed
pls hurry would pay for mod


You can’t pay a mod to hurry the developer.

Its known as Corruption.


I think he was being sarcastic


It’s gonna be real frickn good, my friends. :+1:


NICE! GO GUYS :smiley:


WOW!! IT’S GREAT!! :heart_eyes:
Keep your great job!!:+1:


Things are finally moving along! :smiley:
We will be updating this post as we get things done. So stay tuned.


Nice work!


@chizbejoe did a great job making the designs work.


A simply amazing experience.


It’s looking lit so far!
Keep up the work :smiley:


@walcor btw. should be “its astounding level design”, not “it’s…”.


We will be checking spelling once we are ready to replace any placeholder text. Thanks for catching that tho.


True, “it’s” is basically like saying it is. Where as its is a possessive form of it. I think.


You can blame me for that; although, I have noticed “Gamepaly” instead of “Gameplay” in some of the screens as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Like @walcor said, it’s just placeholder text.


That’s very true, we all just want to make sure you triple check your text before release.


New Game Cards UI is finished!