***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***


The mod is not dead lol :stuck_out_tongue:
The mod will take months or almost a year to be finished.
Don’t worry it’s just @walcor being busy lately developing the mod. :wink:


But how would you know? :sob:


Dude. @walcor didn’t announce the mod is canceled/scrapped out of development :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what @walcor said a while back


Well then, i have no choice but to believe you. lets just hope @walcor will be able to release version 6 once he have freetime. :cry:


I know. :disappointed:
This is my most awaited mod since I heard it back then


If he does, its a Hallelujah for that.
If not, then we have no choice but to ask that if anyone have the last copy or some professionals to resurrect the mod.


tbh. that’s practically impossible or illegal. :expressionless:


Its possible.


The Mod is currently on hold. Since our first game hasn’t been a financial success, we have been busy building up continuous revenue streams, which is taking up most of our time. Second, we are currently planning our next game title, we have it narrowed down to 2 concepts and will be making a decision in the coming week. I wish we had a sack of money so we could do all the awesome things, but we don’t. So we have to focus on building up that sack so we will have free time to make the mod. As of right now all the UI components are fleshed out, 35% of the documentation is done…EmoMonkey has some code done, but it’s nowhere near complete or presentable. What is the eta for completion? At this time there are too many unknowns. I will release an update as soon as there is more concrete info, tho that will most likely not be soon. Maybe Patreon could help, but don’t know if anyone would donate. I had so much free time when I announced the mod…life has a funny way of not letting you do things the way you want…go figure. Maybe it’s true, the mod will come out when HL3 comes out. I am sorry for the eternal wait.


Patreon will only help if you advertise which is a risk in most Forum Sites. Although i wish i could donate but since i’m nowhere old to donate something, i cant. No serious there are some who tooked the stupid way. Also, do you guys have the currect lastest release files? im using the standalone version. Version 5 would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I mean ,a patreon only works if you have one extremely generous person donating to you every month or lots of small donations every month, the first seems to be very rare, also judging by the general age of people here and the dwindling user base of the forum, i’d say there wouldn’t be much of a success. if it were to be set up, it’d need exposure from other sources


:no_mouth: :gun:


slowely takes the gun
Easy dude, just freeze yourself in for ten years.


I rather freeze my self to 30th century to truley see if HL3 comes out.


Sure thing m8.
5 mins later
:dizzy_face: - R.I.P @Uptown_Hoovy


I forgot to mention that your organs could be damaged when you get out.




Any Progress?


Yup but very quiet. :wink:
If not, then…

:no_mouth: :gun:


Working on our Next Game!