***GDT TAG Mod OFFICIAL [V1 Released]***




This is not official. I will be posting updates on the official progress of the mod. Once we have the documentation down and the base changes in place, we will open the mod up for all to edit.




U serious…


EmoMonki is going to probably work on the mod with my colleague. I will be giving updates on the progress through my account to keep everything nice and tidy.

The current official state of matters is: I am finishing up the documentation and my colleague is setting things up to be ready for programming.

Once that is done, more updates will follow on the progress of the mod.


Is this still going on.


slowly but steadily


I really am loving that UI, I can’t wait to see this mod when its released.


This is so dead :(.


Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. I still plan on finishing what I’ve started on my side though, releasing my code as a mod, not too different from UltimateLib, with the purpose of reskining the game. I’m going to make a post about it sometime next week so definitely look into that! Cheers!


I’m looking for updates each days since the beginning on this thread.
So much hype about this mod for me.
Love you, keeps doing good work ;).


any news here :confused: ? im going back to GDT just for this mod


I haven’t heard from walcor in ages so…


Unfortunately we have too many things on our plate at this moment, haven’t been able to make much progress. These coming few month will be intense. Hopefully once things are resolved we can take a better look at it. I’m as bummed as anyone about this not moving forward the way it should.


Cheer Up!


so the mod isn’t at a playable stat as of right now ?
it’s okay , good luck doing your thing :slight_smile:


Well I got most of the underlying code setup actually, so I might release something small. It wouldn’t be this mod though.


Does anyone have the download? Im using the Standalone version and the mod looks beautiful :frowning:


Is the mod released?


I don’t think so, I would be glad if someone could Resurrect this Mod because it is beautiful :sob: