Games for old/bad PC's


not in a game like this

unless it’s on the highest settings


Even 20 FPS in Hacknet looks like crap. I can confirm that because I had 20 FPS in Hacknet when I still had that stupid PC.


You could always try r/amd, they seem used to it.


15FPS in Cities:Skylines works okay for me.


No mate, /r/AyyMD is much better


not 15fps…


I had to play Dishonored at around 20 FPS. Played the game 3 times and both DLCs once. It’s just what you’re used to honestly.


I always try too keep my fps close to my refresh rate (which is what V-Sync does) because more fps doesn’t mean anything if you have a lower refresh rate.


I tried to play Cities Skylines, but it’s so goddamn slow. about 3-20 fps. I tried the lowest settings, and yet it still runs slow (I should’ve read the minimum requirements of that game)

As said by Killertoad, he said that Intel and AMD goes into a tie i think xd


Geez. Well back to square one


I wasnt online for a long time (because i now have a Motorola Moto G 4). 13 replies is really dang much. Im going to reply to some of them


@Today I don’t even go that much to Reddit
@Haxor *running = 5 fps - playable = 20 fps
And some settings are on high. (I had 20fps becuz sledbuild is heavy and mp is also heavy)
@CrumpDev @Today they would hate me becuz I have NVidia (actually AMD GPUs are better and cheaper)
@Haxor 15fps :joy: and you say 20fps is bad
@Lukas_Schuurman I don’t need Vsync, my games are slow enough


You are now banned from /r/GameDevTycoon/.
Jokes aside, you’re underage so not old enough to be on reddit anyways :wink:


I’m 13 and i have reddit and is this bad?

######given the fact the avg fps for an avg gamer is 15-30fps




i bet the R7 from the A10-7870K box will give me more than 60fps (like if anyone gives a shit lol)


say that to my gtx 950


hello people i still exist and i have a new laptop its a Dell Latitude 3350 and im going to get u som specs

CPU: i3-5005U 2Ghz Dual-Core (looks way shittier than it is lol)
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500 (normally 64MB shared VRAM now 512MB)
RES: 1336x768

looking back at this i really had shit computers back then. :expressionless:


When your computer can run Planetside 2 on the highest settings I will personally march to the Netherlands and tell you it’s good.

(mine can’t)