Games for old/bad PC's


My friend.


um… 532… oops.


@Crumpdev, I totally agree. Synthwave/Retrowave is awesome.


It’s like vaporwave but good!


the witcher 3


Don’t forget
Euro Truck Sim 2
American Truck Sim


Don’t play online with ATS or ETS2, it brings even my PC to it’s knees at times


I never go with multiplayer.
There’s 3 reasons.

  1. Lag
  2. Traffic
    3 Accidents 24/7


Team Fortress Fucking 2 (brought to you by super minecraft kid)


This is one HECK of a big stack of Games for old/bad PC’s!

Remember: you can still add games to this GIANT list!

Got some other games:
Atari Anniversary Edition
Dino Tycoon
Driver (Dont know of all games if they are Potato Proof, until Driv3r it is for sure Potato Proof)
BattleBlock Theater
Castle Crashers
Garry’s Mod (PC needs to be around the specs of my Mini PC)
GTA San Andreas
Quake III

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack (if you have windows 8, just use openRCT2) and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
thats all i have unfortunately :frowning:


insert random and funny glitchy gmod video


Unreal Tournament, up to the 2004 version if I recall. It’s a nice alternative to Q3:A for those using netbooks that don’t have OpenGL support - trust me, I’ve been there. Try and avoid your netbook’s keyboard and trackpad, though.

That’s pretty debatable, Gmod can get pretty intensive when there are a lot of physics objects going on. In fact, most Source games are a little demanding for straight up potatoes, with CS:GO being a notable example of shaders and Portal 2 being CPU intensive at points due to the physics going on.


I can run some graphic settings on high.


Everyone can when nothing is going on. But when you spawn dozen of props or ragdolls you’re gonna roast your cpu




surprisingly not. i can even play multiplayer with my friends on sledbuild (= really much props) and have 20fps


You have now been banned from /r/pcmasterrace.


ok I suppose 20fps is in fact running.


Well tat escalated quickly
######im pretty sure 20fps is still good btw