Games for old/bad PC's


Do you have an old/bad pc, and/or do you know old/easy to run games?

Just post them here!

(examples: Lego Racers, NFS U2, P vs Z, etc.)

I have the feeling that a lot of people would like this


I have a good pc, but I like old games like them :
Battlefield 1942
Civilization V and IV
Railroad Tycoon 3
Sonic Mega Collection Plus


Spore :joy:


It’s not a old game, but he doesn’t need a war machine.


I know, I put that emoticon there because I had good memories of Spore




GTA IV :joy:


HuniePop works just fine on my potato


If you don’t know what potato means, just look at some specs of an laptop that (no joke) is right next to me (dont use it, has no hdd anymore) (can play mc on it with optifine)

Laptop (Hasee MQ240):

Intel T4500 2 Core 2.3 Ghz (looks good but is bad)
2 GB DDR2 (bad)
Intel GM45 Integrated Graphics 64mb (oh shit so bad)
250 GB HDD (ok, now in my mini pc, had a head crash with the mini pc)

Mini PC (Asus Eeebox EB1501):

Intel Atom 330 2 Core (VERY optimized)
3GB RAM (shared with Graphics, 2.5GB usable)
Nvidia ION Next-Gen (512mb VRAM)
250 GB HDD (from the laptop)


You have to ascend dude :open_mouth:


I don’t know, I wouldn’t call that game a light title, gets pretty CPU intensive later on in the game when it’s calculating a buttload of turns and stuff. Civ IV is probably good though, as you mentioned.

Personally, I’d recommend checking out the LowSpecGamer on YouTube. He’s pretty cool. As far as games you could run, perhaps you could try Unreal Tournament 99 or Quake 3? Best case scenario for what is basically a netbook is maybe Morrowind.


Ahh the memories :smile:


On topic:
SimCity 3000
Sims 1 and 2
Delta Force.
Railroad Tycoon 3
WarCraft III
CounterStrike 1.6/Source
Half-Life 1,2


HL3, nuff said


Oh is that true?
Huh somehow it works when the version is 1.3.0+


I got much games here already, nice!


i can run it on that potato laptop on a server with optifine and i have 20fps(idk bout 1.9) :relaxed:


I got some games in my room (on disk of course, how would i else have it IN my room)

Lego Racers 2
NFS Underground 1 & 2 (i like 2 the most)
Simcity 3000 World Edition
NFS Carbon
If you can find servers (with players) on it Star-Wars BF 1 & 2
Lego Loco
Roller Coaster Mania (i have 3 maybe theres a new version(idk bout 1&2))


I have a game called Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch, was recreated in the engine of DooM 2 so I think that runs on your PC, it worked fine on my Personal Carrot


Wait… Your computer specs are a carrot?




Hope it works on my Potato Carrot