Game Dev Guidance


So i have been working on a guidance for people who struggle with making high rated games.
This is not a telling you what to do guide, but more an explaination on how certain gameplay aspects work.

You can download a pdf file below.

Game Dev Guidance

This is all based on personal experience and not on Wiki info.
If you feel like this guidance is wrong, feel free to make your own guide :wink:

Game Dev Tycoon- All-Most Slider Allocation Hints Unlocked and Weird Reviews, Why?
How the game Works?

Well, the game dev guide seems legit… and thank you All Games for giving me the 9 for 9.75 game… lol :smile:


Nice guide, not comprehensive, but pretty helpful for beginners (and even people thinking they are not beginners any more, but are wrong ^^). Summarizes well the most critical information in the different guides of the wiki.


Awesome, GJ Jay! :clap:


This is much easier to follow. The wiki can be a bit confusing at times.


I really like this guide, however, I’m on my third playthrough trying to rack up hints so I can be more and more successful each playthrough and I have never seen just a single “+” or “-” in hints. I have a bunch with filled out ++ +++ and – — and then the rest are just blank, does the blank represent the + or -?


  1. A +++ or a +± means : don’t spend less than 40% of your time in this stage on this one
  2. A — or a – means : don’t spend more than 20% of your time in this stage on this one
  3. A +, a - or a ~ means : you can spend whatever time you want on that as providing you respect the two above statements.


Doesn’t get mentioned in the game, only the wiki :smile:


Does cheap bumps get penalized? @Charlie :stuck_out_tongue:


That was so much discreet, I’m sure nobody noticed XD


Notice what? :wink:


The link seems to be broken now…? :frowning:


Should be available now.


it’s broken


Did a huge clean up of my pc including dropbox, the guidance is lost forever ( meaning a very very very long time )


@JayCheetah Dropbox should be able to restore deleted files, as long as the deletion happened in the past 30 days. Here’s a how to.


@PatrickKlug, unfortunately it has been more then thirty days ago.
If there are people in need of a written tutorial I would be happy to make a new one. I am quite sure the Game Dev Guidance needed an update anyways.


I’m sure someone will still have a copy of this. I probably can dig it up once I’m back to my main PC.


i hope you could make a new one, i didnt ever get to see the first one so this might help


Did you ever manage to dig up this guide?
It has been a long time and I am actually curious what I made back then.

Perhaps if it’s still relevant I should be able to give it a little update.