Dutch Translation


The dutch translation is actually halfway. It progressed a lot since last week! It actually has gotten 33% more at the moment. I think we all hope to get it done soon! :slight_smile:


Althougth i got no translations skills, i like to add my gratitude that you guys are keep working on a dutch translation of this wonderfull game :smile:


Thanks! We’re the only two guys (actively) working on the translation right now, so all help is appreciated!

Most likely I’m going to do a lot of work on the translation after the 10th GameJolt contest finishes, which is on Saturday/Sunday. I actually need to get all my time in my entry, so I think I won’t be translating that much this week.


Well… I’m working on the translation as a moderator actively. I suggest to @Charlie to make @AmazingcookieNL a moderator. I have seen his suggestions and I’m sure he can contribute in a good way.


It seems the translation is going very fast! Awesome! I hope I can play the game in Dutch soon. Thanks to the translators! Or how we say it in Dutch: Dankjewel vertalers!


I don’t think translating would be a good idea. As a Belgian (Flemish Dutch) Software Developer myself, I dislike it when people ask for a pathetic version of a program.

Several things; it makes it much harder for developers to e.g. track problems/bugs if other people translated it into some “obscure” translation, without giving the universal translation key or giving anything else to rely on except horrible, dutch words… shudder And “obscure” translations it would be, how are you going to translate terms like AI, Graphics, sequal, hacker, engines? Most of those terms are literally used in Dutch, so what’s the point in translating everything else? Aside from that, some terms are “great” to be in English and would lose a lot of it’s “glamour” when finding some obscure word in Dutch – e;g. something that did cross my mind immediatly (from another game); an axe splitter, skull crusher would lose a lot of it’s glamour if those were to be translated in… what exactly? With some dialects, you can easily make it hilarious, but some universal Dutch? e.g. in some dialects, you could use “vroom vroom” for engine, “pew pew” for game play, but that would be a whole other type of translation :]

Another part is more ethical; why would you support making people even more lazy, dumber and narrow minded? The game is developped in English, meant to be played in English. People might learn a few words by keeping it in English.


Thanks! Like I told Mitchz, all help is welcome!

@Raan03 You seemingly haven’t looked into all the posts in the topic. There are people who want the game in Dutch, and the translation process is set up in a way so no dumb translations can come in.

We try to translate the whole thing as natural as possible, but of course, not everything is possible. For example, I translated engine to ‘spelmotor’. Not exactly perfect but it’s okay. There are a few word jokes here and there and I just kept them there in English.

As for your last question, I just like doing this stuff. Don’t ask me why. This game is meant to let players have fun and learn something about the gaming industry, with learning English in a latter place. Also, at the end it’s all coming together in a financial point: more people understand the game/demo, more people buy the game.

@LineLiar There are quite some translations waiting for acceptation, please check it out when you have the time :slight_smile:


I think there’s no point of translationg words like Engine or A.I… Engine will just be Engine and A.I. will just be A.I… I saw someone who translated Engine into Raamwerk all the time… ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the time now, going to do it! :smiley:


It’s done!!
I have checked all translations and finished everything that wasn’t translated yet.

I had to make a few decision on making the translation consistent and follow language trends.
Obviously the word “Game” is being used very often as well as “Console”

After investigating popular usage of both words i decided to use the words “Game” or “Games” instead of “Spel” or "Spellen"
Simply because when used in the dutch language when it refers to the video games mostly people use the english word instead of the dutch word.

When it comes to referring to (game) console, funny enough “Spelcomputer” is still often used over ( game ) console.

Now the implented language will need testing, to make sure that everything fits the right context.

I would like to thank everyone that helped in translating Game Dev Tycoon into dutch especially @LineLiar who has put huge amounts of effort into translating, when i did not had the time :smile:

Also everyone who added suggestions helped out a lot, you are awesome!


Woohoo! :clap: :tada:

Other than;

Who else needs to go into the credits?


There are quite a few people who contributed to the translation, but didnt use their discourse name.


They have to say that they want to be in the credits also. As some people may not want to be mentioned!


I’ve been active in the last bits of the translation process. I think I added 150 suggestions or something (maybe even more), so I’d like if you credited me as ‘Tom H.’ or my nickname, ‘Amazingcookie’.

And, Charlie, when can I espect that the translation is added to the game? I’ve bought Game Dev Tycoon by now (on Steam), and I was specially waiting for the Dutch translation to start playing it!


Confirmed that Tom H. helped a lot with suggestions :smile:


@JayCheetah, thank you very much for finishing the translation as I haven’t felt the motivation for it anymore. Also thanks for mentioning me. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Charlie, I know @Lewis_McReu helped a lot too in the early process of the translation. :wink:

@AmazingCookieNL, I have to thank you in all the time you spent in the late translation process. You helped out a lot! Here’s some :cake:!


Gratulations for finishing the translation!

Hyphon, German translation moderator


@LineLiar: A.I. IS translated in German language, because in German the translated acronym “K.I.” is more used than the English “A.I.”.


Here in the Netherlands the term A.I is more used then K.I (which would be the direct translation for dutch too). The thing is I have never heard someone say: ‘This game has good K.I.’… all the people I have been talking to about it always say A.I. :stuck_out_tongue:


Go with the words that are in popular usage.
If in Germany people will say K.I. instead of A.I., then the choice is simple.

The translation needs to feel natural and not forced.


@Charlie, when do you think the Dutch Translation will get implemented in the Beta menu?