Dutch Translation


Hello everyone.
My name is Nicky and i’m a graphics designer/music producer in my free time.

I have a few weeks vacation right now.

And i’m interested in translating the game to “Dutch” (Belgium & The Netherlands are speaking this language)



Apply for translator moderation permission

Hi Nicky.

Thanks for offering your help.
Do you have experience in translating from English to Dutch?

We will need at least one (better two) experienced moderator for a language before we can start a translation project.


my native language is Dutch
My second one is English.

Normally i should speak French too but i’m not that good in it :wink:

So yes, if you start up the language i can start a translation and if anyone wants to join, why not :smiley:


Sorry but we really need at least one experienced moderator before we can start it. We have this rule so that there is a good chance that started translation projects will finish with a good quality and to make sure that the effort contributors put into translations is not lost.

It is much harder to translate a game than you might expect. Only because someone is a native speaker does not mean that they can translate something well. Especially if it is a complex project such as this one.

At the moment we are just starting out with the first translation projects and I’m hesitant to start too many projects at once. I think it would be best to wait until we can find some other fans who are interested in translating to Dutch.


Me and 2 other people would love to see a dutch translation too. Too bad that we are not good at translating stuff :frowning:


I would like to offer my servies as a moderator for the English-Dutch translation. I do not have a lot of experience with translating for games but I have done some basic translation work for school and tried to help out on open source projects where the translation was not yet completed.

I think there’d be plenty of Dutch people to play this game :smiley:


Yeah you guys need a English to Dutch translator! Would be welcome! Great game btw! Hope there will be a Game Dev Tycoon 2 in the future.


If more help is needed, iam happy to assist Nicky and the rest.

I live in the Netherlands aswell, and my second language is English.


Ditto the post above me ^^

Not sure how many people you need but i offer my services :100:
I have no experience in translating but i have some experience as redactor.


I can help maybe… I am Dutch and do understand almost every word in the game.


I like to help too. My native language is Dutch. The problem is that for the technical terms there is no real Dutch translation. To be completely honest, I even prefer to play games in English. “Graphics” for example, I have no idea how to translate that to Dutch without getting the player confused. Maybe my fellow Dutch gamers have an idea.

Kind Regards,
(Met vriendelijke groet ;-))



If you would search Graphics in a dictionary then it will say Chart… (sounds a bit awkward because i need to translate english back. Because when you would translate it back you would obvious get the same word as before.)


I have to say that there ARE Dutch words for things like Graphics, but there is no real one word for it.
You can say Grafische Kaart, which is Graphics Card in English.
But then the word Graphics on its own… it is possible to say Grafisch, but if you really want a good translation you would need to add a specific extra word.
Looking at the game, I do not think long words fit very well in the resolution of the screen.
Perhaps translating to Dutch is not very easy, but it is not impossible.


@PatrickKlug It seems there are at least 2 people willing, and some more, to translate the game in to dutch. (Netherlands and Belgium audiance) Any chance you will start a translation project?


It’s not that there are no Dutch words for many technical terms. It’s just that we (at least in the Netherlands) don’t use them. Also note that nl-nl and nl-be may be different in this respect.

(-edit- native Dutch by the way)


I can help as well, having Dutch as my main language and having a great understanding in the English language might help.


Graphics could be “Resolutie”


“2D Resolutie”? Not really.


No, because resolutie simply means resolution which is not the same as graphics at all.

EDIT: Thinking about it, a Dutch translation really seems to become half English ANYWAYS since there is no perfect translation for, just an example, AI.


You’re probably right, I was thinking about the exact same thing