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My name is Frank, I am 21 years old, an active gamer , and living in The Netherlands.
As the son of a translator , i have been growing up with the pressure of correct usage of grammar, and was raised bilangually in Dutch first, English second.
I have a deep interest in language, and translating is something i love to do. I am also taking the liberty here of saying that i am really enjoying Game Dev Tycoon, it’s a very original game, and i would very much like to see it grow. I think there is interest for a Dutch translation - also because that can help target the game to younger ( Dutch ) audiences, whom don’t master the English language.

I am well willing to offer my services as a languar moderator, as i’d love to see this game in my native language. And about the technical terms; it is not impossible to translate those to Dutch. Some words and terms are harder to translate than others, but with a little creative languar skill , those bridges can be crossed fairly easily ( and sometimes less easy ). This is exactly what i love about translating.

That being said, i would like to praise Greenhouse, please keep the awesome work coming.

Kind regards,


Hello all,

I’m a 24 student at the University, I’ve transelated numerous documents from English to Dutch. Seeing as we need a small team to accomplish several 1000 lines of text I’d like to offer my service aswell(as there is certainly a market for it).

I’m also reasonable fluent in German, how-ever grammatically my best two languages are Dutch(native tongue) and English(second language, but years of experience aswell both in talking, writing and reading).

If this project takes off, I’d like to take part of it.



Good to see so many people willing to translate. :smile:


I agree completely that it would benefit the game and the creators to translate it to Dutch (or any other language). And again, I would love to help with that. But it would require a lot of discussion on how to translate some keywords in the game. On the posts above me there are a lot of examples of words that are giving “problems”. Like: "Graphics, AI, Console (I’m pretty sure that it is the exact same word in Dutch, even the pronunciation.) I think the best solution is to translate those words not at all. A “technical program” like the catalyst control center, hope it rings any bells, I run in English, because I don’t have to use google to find out what certain functions do. And the English terms are so common that it don’t need any translation. My 67 year old father who doesn’t understand English, written nor spoken. Knows exactly what I mean if I explain why he should buy that one computer. Even with terms like “graphics, RAM, and SSD”. So for that matter, he understands a bit of English after all :wink:


I would love to offer my services as a translator. In the past I’ve worked as a travel guide, speaking mainly Dutch (even the Flemish slang :wink: ) and English. I am schooled in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. I would love to help translate this game into my mothertongue.



I am just struck with joy to see more people commiting like this, i really hope we could collectively get this off the ground :smile:



[For all of you who don’t think there is a translation for AI.]

There is a perfect translation for AI it’s KI “kunstmatige intelligentie” or you can say AI but on the dutch way of speaking cause it means “artificiële intelligentie”. They are both perfect dutch abbreviations.
Just want to say cause there are many things you will forget translating without a good dictionary by your side.
I like the idea for a dutch version. I want to help but i don’t want to be the moderator for this language, it seems like a big task altough i can translate pretty good so if i can i’m gonna translate for this amazing game. :smile:


My company could translate GDT relatively quick and extremely accurately into Dutch. Let me know if you’re interested into some more information.


Company? that doesn’t sound “Free”. No, this translation thing needs to be done free by people who love this game!


You are completely right. Why should you ask translating companies when you have a great community.


Why not both? Yes, I would love a dutch translation. If not for me, than for younger audience. I’ll even chip in where necessary.


Yeah it would be great if we could do it both but the problem is that most translating companies ask for money and if you know that you can get the same for free then it’s pretty obvious that they are gonna choose for the community. (Don’t get me wrong i have no problems with translating companies it’s just that they might ask for money.)


yeah, you’ve got a point there :slight_smile:


I am someone who loves the game, and if I could translate it for free, I would. I was just offering an option. Why ask a translating company? The short answer is that it’s the quickest, most reliable and accurate way to translate the game effectively. Plus it could be done in dozens of languages at once. I consider myself a part of the gaming community and I think it’s awesome that there’s a DIY attitude with regard to having the game translated. The fact is that it’s difficult and time consuming, I just thought I would offer, since this happens to be my line of work


Sorry that we were a bit rude with our opinions and yes your way is the best way to translate the game but i thought just like you,would it not be great if it has that DIY attitude by translating the game with the help of the community.(actually i think i was the most rude of all.)


It seems the spanish language has been accepted, now we need to form a team for dutch translation.


Well there are enough people who want to do it but we need some really good translators.
I can help with the translation but i don’t know if im good enough to be one of the lead-translators.
Also there are some people other above that can do this much better than i.
If i had to choose it would be Liquidfire and Amazium. :wink:


Hi everyone!

As an 18 year old Dutch, soon to go to university, I’d like to take on a challenge. I’ve recently got my CAE Certificate, grade A, which translates to CEFR level C2. I may not have a lot of experience with such translation tasks, but I’d like to try and put my certificate to the test. For me, English is an interesting language, and it is fascinating to see the similarities and differences between English and in my case Dutch.

This game has a lot to offer and I’d like to contribute to making this allready amazing game even better.

So if you are still looking for some people to translate the game to Dutch, I’m offering my skills and, as I said, looking for a challenge.



Hii everyone,

I’m from belgium and i could help translate to dutch.
I’m already an experienced game player.

My first language is dutch, so it would be perfect.

Can some admin respond to this thread ? :slight_smile:


I hope an Admin will respond again.

From what i can see, we have a lot of people that want, and some with a lot of experience.