Dutch Translation


Yes, they want at least 2 good moderators before they start the translation,
i think we already have 10 people that want to help us. :slight_smile:


I would like to help too!
I’m 18 year old, studying Dutch and English in university, so I think I could help out with this quite well.


That’s nice to hear.
The more help the better. :slight_smile:


I’m not so good into translating from English to Dutch, i can speak it very well, but writing it down (like this) is more challenging for me… So i’m hoping that more people come in, and want to help out.


There are already enough people,
now all we need is a reaction from an administrator. :slight_smile:


We just need the formal nominations as well as a statement about the prior experience for both nominees.
Once this is in place and the nominees accept to be moderators just tag me and I will unlock the language.


I will be one of them, if you agree.
You can tell me what you need. :slight_smile:


Looking at experience of everyone that posted here,
I would say that Liquidfire and Amazium are most fit to be moderators. I haven’t seen them around here in quite a while though.

So, including the activity stats in my consideration, Svenn seems more fit, along with dvr and me.

As for translation experience for myself, I can mention translating a couple of MC mods (big and small).


With all due respect, just being able to speak Dutch isn’t enough. As said before you need to understand the differences between the two languages.


Dutch is my native language and I’ve had education in English for 4 years already, an education that still goes on in university right now. I’m studying both English and Dutch. That means something I think.

Oh, and apologies for not including you in the list.
I’m sure you would do well too.
As of this, I would approve of you moderating too.


I would also like to offer some of my spare time… I’m a 33 year old father of two, fulltime tamer of electronic databeasts and lines of logic. My professional experience with translations range from translation of software, manuals, stories, and (online) tutorials.

Although dutch is my native language, I’ve grown up with English as my secondary native language (which is quite common in the netherlands due to our nations’ limited content creation capabilities and the fact that most cool stuff came from either the US or the UK). I sometimes think and reason in English and regularly can’t come up with the dutch word for things while the english one is the first thing that comes to mind (thank you brain!).

As I am fully aware that a successful game translation fully depends on context, I can assure you that nothing bugs me more than incomplete or incorrect translations.

I would love to help write, author or proofread these translations for nothing in exchange except for a mention of my name in the credits and perhaps a copy or two (or your explicit permission to install my client on their computers) for my closest friend(s) or my parents so they can finally understand what kind of struggles game developers have to deal with :smile: … as I highly doubt they would have normally bought the game themselves, I don’t think your sales figures would suffer much impact of these lost sales :wink:


Let me clarify that our translation work would be entirely voluntarily.
We do this because we love the game, and because this can help the game to reach a broader audience. We are not interested in payment.



My name is Fabian Broekhuizen, 26 years old self employed webdesigner and 3D animator. http://www.fb-projecten.com
I would like to offer you some help. My skillset contains: (but is not limited to)

  • 3D design and Animation
  • Character and prop rigging.
  • High level programming (C++, Java)
  • Low level programming (JavaScript, PHP, lua etc.)
  • Advanced 3D. (WebGL, OpenGL, DirectX)
  • PhysX

And I can go on for a few more lines!
I think your game can use some overall polishing. Apart from that, I believe with the systems built in, a 3D version of this game is possible. Muchos ideas, but I need your input :smile:

What I want in return? Love and two free copies!
Just send me an mail when interested.


My point exactly… as I stated above, I’m just doing this for the honor of doing it… that’s why I expect nothing more than a mention in the credits. (I don’t think the remark about installing my copy of the game on my parents computer counts as asking for payment :blush:)


Hi Fabian,

it’s great that you want to help but we are looking for people to translate the game. So I think you should offer your skills somewhere else :P.

To everyone else:
Lots of enthusiastic people here, that’s good!


Sure, but I don’t necessarily want to moderate, helping out is fine with me too.


So all we need to do now is post an official message with all the info.
If we mention patrick in it, he will read it and open the dutch translation. :slight_smile:


Sent you a private message. :slight_smile:


Seems like you have forgotten me… the least thing I can do is have another stab at it… if you’re adding 3 people to a translation system, you might as well add an eager to help fourth person (assuming they are going to use some kind of fancy translation system for it).


@Henry: apologies (again), but you also never mentioned that you would want to moderate. I’ll put you on the list though.
Oh, and the list consists of nominees, those that could take the job. I think Patrick will choose two persons from that list.