Dutch Translation


@Lewis_McReu: Hehe… no problem. I don’t really mind who will eventually be chosen to work on the translation; I just really want the dutch translation to be in there, and I don’t mind helping if that will get stuff done quicker :slight_smile:


@Henry: It’s not so much who will work on the translation that is chosen here. Everyone willing may participate. The moderating of the translation, sort of the leaders of the project, are the ones nominated.


I am gonna help too,
i am dutch too, so yeah, i translated some of the TF2 wiki, and minecraft mods and stuff



I would love to help translating GTD into dutch. I’m pretty experienced with the English language and dutch is my official language, so that wouldn’t be a problem. :slight_smile:


We only need an reaction now from @PatrickKlug


yep, we’re still waiting.


apologies. I will try to get to this by tomorrow. looks like a promising team :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

I’d like to offer myself to translate the game, if this would be planned.
My native tongue is Dutch/Flemish/French.


Translation English => Dutch

One Day On Earth

Translation English => French

One Day On Earth
50% of Ubuntu



The Dutch project is now live at http://translate.greenheartgames.com/projects/game-dev-tycoon/master/nl/

I’ve already made @Lewis_McReu a moderator (pls be careful since moderators are site-wide, not per language).

Now I just need the translate.ghg.com usernames of the other nonimated moderators!

Thanks for your support and sorry for the delay:)


Ok, so: everyone who hasn’t done it already:
Make an account on the translation website!
For the moderators: post your name there in this topic with Patrick tagged.
That way he can add you too. Seems like we’re going to moderate in a team of four! Hurray!

@Jarne: You’re welcome to make an account on the translation site and help out! There are already four moderators, and that’s quite enough, so for that position you won’t be eligible, but for general translating you’re very welcome!


Oh, and I noticed that for the first translation already, people did not copy caps.
Please mind this in the future.


Also, as a system to use as for parts of a translation you can’t really translate, I propose you use [ ] in the translation itself. That way others can see what you couldn’t do, and fill in with a suggestion of their own.


@PatrickKlug Translate.ghg.com username: MTBrands

Can’t wait to start.

@Lewis_McReu Watch out with these []. Aren’t they used as parameters by the system?


@PatrickKlug Translate.ghg.com username: Jarne

Looking forward to translate. Almost done translating new version of Ubuntu, will have plenty of time for this one!


Looking forward to the translation! Can’t wait to show the game to my dad… I just bought him a new computer :slight_smile:


… also, I registered and already made 2 suggestions, but I’m not registered as translator. Do you need to change that, @PatrickKlug ?


The brackets for parameters are { }, not [ ].


There are already quite some translators on the case now, but I notice that there are people repeating others translations. I think it would be better to leave a comment with approval instead. Keeps the actual translations and suggestions tidy.


Now, something else:
What do you think is the best translation for ‘game’: ‘spel’, the official translation or ‘game’, the more commonly used term in the industry?


I’d say game, as the title of this game also stays Game Dev Tycoon. And when translating it to ‘spel’, we may risk overtranslating which I find very frustrating.

Look at a game as Battlefield Heroes, it looks like they translated every single word.