Dutch Translation


Ok for the approval.
It would be easier if the moderators could put somewhere a review of all the translation rules, and especially the choice of the correct dutch word or the more used english word (game/spel - graphics/grafische kaard - racing/motorsport - …)

It could be an interesting debate between the dutch and flemish :slight_smile:


Okay, for now @Lewis_McReu and @Henry are the moderators. I will await their call for additional moderators if necessary but I think this should be good to get things started.

We’ve also updated the translation software, if you are running into any errors, please let us know on the forum.


After offering my services I dropped by the translation page to check on the status.
I want to warn you! The current level of translation is very “childish”

Proper dutch grammar is far to be found! For example:

  • Eagerly awaiting your reply. (Should be: In begerend afwachting van uw reactie.
    (Ik “kijk” uw reactie tegemoet? Seriously? This means: I look your reaction ahead…??)

Please take care for a proper translation, so my GF can play this awesome game too!

Also I would like to make a donation of a larger sum. Can you please send me your details, so I can transfer some.


I’d give it a bit of time. Social translations often start out a little wobbly but usually they stabilize fairly well. We will also try to get the opinion/feedback of a third party before we actually integrate any translations in the game. I’ve send you a PM regarding your question about donations.


@Fappp : " In begerend afwachting van uw reactie." is indeed the correct translation. But do you use it in the Netherlands?
In Belgium you will never hear such a sentence (and almost never read it).


You’re not supposed to play this game wearing a suit. What about: “Ik kijk uit naar uw reactie.” It can be both formal and somewhat loosened.


@Fappp : you’re very welcome to provide your own suggestions, but don’t criticize those who are actually working along in the project please.

@rsca78 : I still have to discuss with Henry as for translation guidelines; if possible will do that tonight.


I want to help, but even after logging in I cannot save translations!
*works now


The actual translation is to be saved by a moderator, while suggestions are what everyone can add.


Right, so, important post here people!!!

Since I don’t get a reply from Henry about the guidelines, I’m gonna put some on here myself.

  1. While translating, use the correct spelling!

  2. Take notice of formal/informal language and apply in your translation.

  3. Read the notes of the devs, under the suggestions.

  4. Some strings (= pieces of text) are meant to be mixed together into one longer string. If this is the case, it will be mentioned in the notes! Most of the time, this is to give a string multiple uses. For example:
    String 1: I am (other string) years old.
    String 2: 20
    String 3: 30

By using either of the last two strings in the first, they can give a different meaning to the sentence.
So, if such connection between strings exists, make sure that they always form a whole when put together, and make sense!

  1. There are certain English words that would not be translated to English. We agreed on NOT replacing the words “game” and “games”; more might follow.
    A list with words that this applies to will be added in this post, as well as a list of words with specific translations to help you out. (WIP)

  2. Finally, I’d advise everyone to read the comments of the other translators. Maybe instead of putting a suggestion that had already been given, give your vote to the one already existing. That keeps things tidy. Also, me and Henry (the other mod) are reading the comments, answering questions where necessary.

So, that’s it, list with words will be added in the future below!
Have fun translating, and don’t forget to take a break by playing Game Dev Tycoon!


Hello lads,

I’ve been busy for a while but time is opening up now. I’ve been silently reading along the sides though. I saw you recommended me as a mod on the first page @Lewis_McReu thanks for that.

I’m not sure what this entails though? But I’d be glad to help with the transelation service(s) in any way possible :smiley:


Wow, that Dutch translation is really progressing!
Looks like most of the dudes just wanted their name on the game, and now disappeared!

Sorry Lewis_McReu, but looks like the statements I made before are correct. So I am in a position to criticize others!

By now I would have translated the entire bible…


On a regular basis. Especially when I need to get things done with taxes and politics :wink:


If you take other tycoon games as an example they all just kept the English title. The Dutch are very acquainted with the English language and find this no issue!


Don’t forget:

  • South Africa
  • Suriname
  • Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao


Artificiële Intelligentie?



I will offer to help one more time, just for the honor! (Or honour in UK English :wink:)

My skills:

  • High level programming (C++,JS,LUA etc.)
  • 3D modeling, animation and design
  • HTML5, WebGL, ThreeJS
  • Websocket server tech
  • Mysqli, PHP5 etc etc.

Apart from that I’m specialized in graphical performance on mobile devices and mobile device optimization.


@PatrickKlug, I don´t think the actual moderators for the dutch translation are very active. And I have to say, the dutch community isn´t that active too. It´s been in 2.6% for quite a lot of time now. And I see pretty much suggestions in the translation, but no moderator who actually helps it go through to the official translation. Could we do something about that?


I think it’s best to wait for the updated translation files after the steam release. Once that is done we will go back and review existing translations projects as well as start new ones.


Kunstmatige Intelligentie!