Dutch Translation


I think you have already enough people to translate to dutch, but if you still need more people… got plenty of time!


Good afternoon!

If you guys need another person to work on this project now that the translation files have been updated, or look over the end result, or anything along those lines, I’d be willing to put in a few hours. I recently finished up my MA in translation (English-Dutch) and have some free time on my hands while I look for a internship/job these next few months. I am a Dutch native speaker and have a IB A2 near-native qualification as well as a BA in English language and literature, so I’m probably qualified enough ;).

Let me know, and if not, good luck with the translation! :smile:


Hey Guys,

We have some free time to work on translations again! How are you guys doing? What do you need to move forward?
Are your moderators active? Can you suggest new active moderators?


Waarom praten jullie in godsnaam Engels terwijl je veel gemakkelijker Nederlands kan praten? :smile:


I don’t think it needs to have a Dutch Translation as we are very good at English. I understand every word in the game…


Because this is an english forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately most dutch do not.


Wat boeit het dat het een Engels forum is praat gewoon Nederlands :frowning:


I would like to help, can i, and how?


You can sign up at http://translate.greenheartgames.com/

At the moment i am doing the admin for the dutch translations.
You could check what i have done so far and post suggestions :slight_smile:


Ok i posted a lot of suggestions, can you look at them?


I will when i have the time :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance for the great work.


Ok, thx. where can i see wich words doesn t have a translation?


basically all lines have at least one suggestion already.
But you can always add your own, if you feel it could be translated better or you have a line that fits the situation better.
I have started this today, since the previous translators seem to be inactive.
Try not to make it to formal, most of the english is written in a casual style so the dutch should not be any different.
Also some words could stay english. For example Games does not have to be spellen/spelletjes etc.


I think the dutch translation needs a reboot. I really want a dutch version of Game Dev Tycoon and would like to participate in translating it. As far as I know, almost everything has an accurate translation, but there are just not enough people to make the suggestions into real translations. I don’t think the current moderators are active enough on the translate site to make the dutch translation a real thing. I would like to hear your thought of this @PatrickKlug and @Charlie. I would love to help wherever I possibly can to help the dutch translation and boost the time it’s gonna take. I will ‘sign up’ or however you want to call it for being a moderator to help the dutch translation. I don’t have any experience yet, but I am pretty good at the English language and Dutch is my official language, which I have been speaking since I have learned talking. I think I can be a participator in the moderator team and help to boost the dutch translation to a beta as soon as possible. I would like to hear your guys thoughts about this and a reaction to my application for this. :wink:


Hey @LineLiar
It would be great if you could help out, as a veteran member of our forums who has been helpful and friendly throughout i am sure you can contribute!
Have upgraded you to moderator! :smile:


Thanks @Charlie! I will get on it tonight! :wink:


I boosted it up to 26%, that’s 4% more. I will have more time tomorrow and I will definitely get on it again!


Great, i’ll double check your work and you can check mine :slight_smile:


I might as well notify you that there are quite some incorrect spaces in words.
Baas, het is klaar en het staat live! Grid is de naam van ons eigen internet-gebaseerde distributie platform.
Dit moet natuurlijk distributieplatform zijn, zonder de spatie ertussen.

Furthermore, I was finished registering on both sites when the idea came to me that playing the game first would help a lot :confused:

So I’ll possibly do some little maintenance here and there in the translation.


I will take a look at it and change it! Thanks for the tip! :wink: