Dutch Translation


Very awesome that the Dutch translation is finished! Great job! :smile:


Im not sure. But i will let you know as soon as we have a working beta up and running!


Awesome! The Dutch translation is finished. I have posted some suggestions on the translating pages, but I don’t know it’s used or not…


Maybe or maybe not :wink:


Great to hear that the translation is finishen, many thanks to the translators. Any idea when the Language will be added?


Is the tranlation ready woehoe jippie


Probably with a new update or somewhere this month or January. ;p


come on :frowning:


Dutch is now unlocked on Steam! Great job, folks!

Please test and let us know if there are any issues. As with other languages, we are releasing Dutch as a in-game beta language which means that you will have to select the language through the in-game options menu (it’s not automatically selected).


Time for ingame testing :slight_smile:


Awesome but will the (Dutch) languages also come to the Windows Store (ARM). Got the game on my Surface 2


I found a few things that aren’t correct:

Geselecteerde Extra’s comes out of it’s border.

And here, the bonus counter doesn’t display the bonus number correctly, plus when the thing that is lowest on the list levels up, the word ‘Omhoog’ isn’t displayed.

Furthermore, the enter symbols (⏎) are displayed in dialogs.


Thank you for reporting this.

Good news these errors have already been corrected and should be visible in the next update.

A few changes i made:

  • Changed “Ontwerp” back to “Design” on several occasions.
    This was because the 1 extra character in “Ontwerp” caused a interface error.
  • Changed “Level Omhoog” back to "Level Up"
    Also because of a interface error
  • rephrased a lot of sentences that included a date fragment. like “begin volgend jaar” ( early next year )
  • rephrased Audience/Platfrom/Genre match hint within game reports.
    This was done because in the dutch language we use for example “uitstekend” but also “uitstekende” this caused some senteces look weird.
  • “maak een nieuwe engine” is now “maak nieuwe engine”
  • Game size reference has been shortened “Middel grote > Middel”
  • several grammar fixes


Updated version of the dutch translations is now available.

Should be updated automatically when you start or restart steam.


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Is the dutch translation, still going?
Is it still being developed?



The dutch translation is already done! When you have the game on steam, open it, touch ESC, click on Settings, choose Dutch, restart and there you go! :smiley:


oh, ok thanks! :smiley:


I hope that the search option of this forum is still working :slight_smile:


@Charlie, I think we could be called as coordinators/moderators in the credits.
@aaldim, the dutch translation is already done. Go to the options menu and the dutch language will be available.