Any mods that speed up the game, get rid of watching bubbles and all of the pop ups?


Are there any mods to speed the game up. It takes waayy to long to play and most of what happens in the UI is just not necessary.

Are there any mods to speed things along?

Idea: Community Expansion Pack DLC

Impatience mod.




Not to be mean or anything, but I made Impatience mod because TweakMod doesn’t work anymore and broke one of my playthroughs. :frowning:


Impatience mod rocks :smiley: I am using this mod in my expansion pack too.


Impatience mod helps, but it doesn’t fix me sitting there like an idiot watching bubbles pop up. I still can’t make templates for different genres so I don’t have to sit there moving sliders around. The core of the game needs to be fixed.


How would the game be “fixed” by automating the game creation process? Don’t use Hints as an example, I often turn them off because its boring to know where I put the sliders.


That’s pretty easy. Just look at the Tweak or Impatience mods. Add that many popups and ok buttons to any game in the apple app store and guess what rating it would get? Another example, why do I have to manually move the sliders for each game type. I couldn’t be bothered. I know where I want them for each type of game.

Why should I sit there while scores spin out?

Why should I sit there seeing bubbles constantly bubble up?

Why can’t sequels at least default in the name of the last game?

Why can’t I template who I want working on what so I don’t have to manually move people around.

Pretty much every browser around has worked hard to stop pop ups because they’re annoying. This game has 100x more than they need. Of course, every once in a while you click through a useful popup because of the poor UI feeding you so many.

Do you know many people who spend most of their day staring at the bubbles in a fish tank? No. Of course not. That’s really boring. Me sitting staring at them in a video game is just the same.


I wont bother with you. No-one agrees with you, and modding support is in so its not valid.


Mods are great and all but why don’t the developers get off their backsides and fix the things that people hate about the game? The community shouldn’t have to make up for a developers incompetence or apathy.


woa, that’s some harsh language! You make it sound like we have abandoned the game. Let me see: Our last official release was a short ten days ago. The last update to the game code, which fixed some rare issues, was yesterday. We have been continuously updating the game since release.


Boo. You’ve probably been following this game and it’s development sense yesterday.


I’m not saying you’ve abandoned the game. I’m just pointing out that it has elements that are so tedious that you have people creating mods not for nice one off things, but to fix the core parts of the game which were poorly designed.

Your game has more popups than anything I’ve played by probably 100x. I don’t need a pop up for every little thing. You can throw information up in an area. Pop ups are annoying.

Do you know anyone who stares bubbles in a fish tank all day? of course not, they’d be bored to tears. Why am I forced to see all of these bubbles coming up?

Why do I have to sit through game scores calculating. You can just show it to me.

Why can’t I template the sliders for each game type. it’s pointlessly tedious to have to reselect them for each game

Why can’t I default in people for game types. More tediousness.

Why do I have to sit and watch bubbles for each game engine.

You’ve got good concepts here but notice how other games try not to make things tedious? Yeah, that.


As much as I hate to say it I think devg has some good points. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

Maybe threads like this are why games spend so long in early access.


Tweak mod.


Don’t feed the trolls.


I didn’t feed the troll, he pointed out a bunch of stuff he didn’t like and then I gave him the Tweak mod which fixed most of his issues.


They are all design choices. We specifically designed the game to use popups instead of asynchronous messages (it felt more engaging and forced us to keep messages short and important). We made a decision to create tension in the game rating window by animating the score over a few seconds (showing instant ratings creates no tension, it’s boring). We made a decision that game development isn’t instantaneous and added bubbles to give some visual progress.

You might disagree with some (or all) of these decisions but that doesn’t mean that we are wrong. Every game will have players who really hate one or more design decisions.

I don’t think you are wrong either. For our next games we might do things differently but I strongly disagree with the argument that Game Dev Tycoon is somehow broken because of these choices. When watching players play our game, I repeatedly see that these choices work and do exactly what they are supposed to.

Anyway, some players will hate it. The great things about games that allow modding, is that modders can do something about this and as others have pointed out, there are already mods that address these issues.

It’s not like we ignore player feedback. We have done some major changes in the past, based on very valid and often provided critic.


The design choices were wrong. Go read a book on UI design or spend some time working with end users interested in a happy, productive experience and you’ll find that NONE of them want excessive popups or mouse clicks. None. Go find someone who works on CAD and ask them what their thoughts would be on introducing a few hundred clicks into their work day. They would throw you out of their office.

Introducing things that make people wait isn’t suspense. It’s just another annoyance. Popups and mouse clicks detract from a game. Name a popular game that’s filled with so many pop ups. Seriously.

Your reliance on mods is great and all, but to use your game this is a CASUAL game. It wasn’t easy for me with some programming experience to figure out how to make mods work on a mac. The better question is WHAT PERCENTAGE OF CASUAL GAMERS KNOW WHAT A MOD IS OR CAN FIGURE OUT HOW THEY WORK? Mods are great for the hardcore community. That’s just a small percentage of your user base.

The game is broken because of these choices. While people here are tripping over themselves to defend it, it’s a casual game and most of the users wouldn’t participate in forums like this.

To the other folks with the troll comments, please grow up. Nothing I’m saying here is not factual or not based on anyone not playing the game. I spend a lot of time during my highly paid work week getting feedback from customers. We’d be laying off people if we sold products with this many UI issues.

As to the Tweak mod comment, you might want to look at the other thread I made here where more than one person was pointing out that it was broken.


Developing games and developing apps is a completely different topic. Games are not made to be efficient. They are made to be fun. Imagine if Diablo focused its user experience on minimizing clicks! Imagine StarCraft if they focused on making the game easy-to-use instead of hard to master.

We have our reasons to do things the way we do. I explained them and I absolutely reject the argument that the game is broken. We will just have to disagree on this.