Any mods that speed up the game, get rid of watching bubbles and all of the pop ups?


I’m sure you get my point. Again, name any other popular game that has taken the annoying habit of spyware on an infected computer and integrated that as a feature. Diablo wouldn’t have gotten to the 3 version of you were constantly nagged by popups as you went through the gameplay.

Again, name it.

You’ve got people actively modifying the game to make up for its shortcomings. That’s not how mods evolved.

Don’t give excuses. Take responsibility. Man up. Fix it.


Its a design choice, and they’ve taken responsibility and fixed some issues before.


And what/whose modding API did those modders use? Who interrogated the game into Steam Workshop? Who developed a game that has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam? Who has a team of about five and did all this? If you’re telling me that their being lazy and aren’t fixing bugs/problems, think again.

The thing is, most people like what design choices they made. These “problems” you point out as something they need to “fix” are part of the game. You act like it’s so blatantly obvious they should fix this, even though it isn’t a problem. Their not just going to change it all because the minority of people–who could just download a mod–don’t like it.

It’s one thing to say you “don’t like the game”. But to say that the developers are being lazy and don’t “take responsibility” and are giving “excuses” is just incorrect.


Main game was made with just Daniel and Patrick, they recruited some people from the modding community :slight_smile:


Good on them. There’s no excuse for them to not modify it to conform with basic user interface standards. With the tedious items removed, it would be a much more playable game. Talk to people who use CAD, PACS, etc, who are highly paid and rely on a user interface to do their jobs and none of them will say that their user experience is improved by a mass of mouse clicks.

It’s unfortunate that the folks who developed the game didn’t bother to take it to the next level. When mods exist to make your game less annoying, then there’s a problem with the core game. They could quite easily have those excessive mouse clicks as a feature that someone could turn on.

Modding shouldn’t exist to make up for the poor design of a game. It’s unfortunate that people like Patrick are so dedicated to tedious gameplay and that they rely on the mod community to take away the tedium from their work.

“Impatience mod rocks”

It rocks because the core game is broken.


Some one has crawled out from under their rock!

No of course it doesn’t improve , I’ll take 3D modelling (Since you have mentioned CAD) as a example, to me it’s much more tedious 3D Modelling than clicking one button. It isn’t a mass amount of clicks at all, you get a pop up every now and again. If you think clicking your mouse every now and again is tedious, I’d hate to watch you try stitching something up.

Poor game design in YOUR opinion and other’s opinions

Try giving CONSTRUCTIVE criticism here, how do you want the information to be presented if they weren’t pop up’s that are so tedious to get rid of you cry to the developers


If it is broken, how can you run it? Ever thought about that? The devs are the one making the design choices. This game simulates how a real game developer develops. Coding, waiting, executing, and fixing. It takes a long damn while.

You are entitled to your own opinion.

Don’t shove it up others’ throats.



How about you make the mod, since you need it tailored to your wants, while we don’t need it?