Your Best Game Names


What are your most funny / original game names in Game Dev Tycoon?

Personally I’ve had a lot of fun following Game Dev Tycoon’s faked names trend:

  • Eagle Wrong (Phoenix Wright)
  • Vacant Evil (Resident Evil)
  • Moonlight: Full Moon (inspired from Twilight for a werewolf game)
  • Kolof: Obselete Warfare (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
  • Macroid Prune (Metroid Prime)
  • Forward to the Past (Back to the Future)

I had 160M+ and my first 10/10 MMO game called World of Wardraft killed me :’(
Even with the extensions: World of Wardraft: Freezing Crew and World of Wardraft: Greed of the Undead Queen. The company died while developping World of Wardraft: Tempest. Sad story.


My first company’s name was “$Cha-Ching!$” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve done other things like “Brain Doggy’s Mombo” since then, haha.


Day of Death (my version of cod, battlefield etc.)
GodRise (sequel to destiny, PC MMO)
KingFall (sequel to ^, i6 MMO)


I am very creative:
Election Time, my 10/10 game (and thats a mod made by @Stian)
Fantasty RPG and Fantasty RPG Online
Explosions (the sequels were EXplosions, EXPlosions etc)
Field of Duty
A :green_heart: s Cred
The Alien Shooter
Racing Heroes
Zombies and ZombieZ

those are games I remember from my latest save.

  • Dungeons and Puppies! (Dungeons and Dragons)
  • The Shims (The Sims)
  • Duty of Call (Call of Duty)
  • Just Prance (Just Dance)
  • Total Gore (Total War)
  • Rod Stewart: The Awakening (Horror/Action Game :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Lol, it actually did pretty well)


Haha good ones.

I also had:

  • Dungeons & Angry Cats (Dungeons and Dragons)
  • Les Seums (french play on words for Sims)
  • PEZ (FEZ)
  • Ultra Veg Girl (Super Meat Boy)
  • Cavecraft (Minecraft)
  • Game #46 (I litterally laughed my ass out when I realized that I forgot to name this one and was imaginating a little boy asking her mom about the famous awesome superheroes game: “Game #46”)


Oh, I also forgot about “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$”. Probably the best game I ever made :laughing:

I’m not even joking, I actually named my game that, haha.


George Washington’s Raygun of Fury


G-Life (Half Life)
Diner 1987 (FNAF)
Cities Hydrolines (Cities Skylines)

Created by SlimeAcro video game company.


they were supposed to be funny
I get it now

well I have
A :green_heart: s cred series
Gran’s Turismo/Granny’s Turismo series
Obama Simulator, Obama Simulator 360 noscope version (it didn’t fit tho) and The Epic 420 Blaze it Obama (it got 10/10)
Melon’s mod
Back to the past (hahahh lol)
The Uber Booty
Quest For The Booty series
Developer’s Game (I wanted the Inception achievement but I forgot the game’s name. amazin)
Windows 1.01 (because Windows is a good game, rite?)
The (just the. my creativity.)

and maybe this
Worst Game Ever. (got 9.25/10)
and its sequel:
Best Game Ever. (got 4/10)

that was funny




Even GDT reviewer gave fnaf an exceptional score


Seems legit


Call of Booty

Copyright Haxor 2015


I had Cimsity/Sitycim and The Call of Booty/The Booty Calls :angry:


ok, is the edit good?


Weed Farming Simulator 420


I’ve made Half-Life
and it got 5/10
and then Gaben materialized next to me
and he banned my account




##smoke gaben everyday ##


Tale of Kingdoms and Mountain of Goblins. Coincidentally also my best franchises ever. Milk them like there’s no tomorrow.


Lol your just like EA.