Your Best Game Names


*Like everyone who needs money


My List goes like this:-

Front-line Combat Evolved(military Franchise)
Velocity(Racing Franchise, It’s more than “speed” that you “need”)
Indian Ocean(Pirates)
The AVATAR Life(My version of Sims)
Gotham General (Maybe the Docs ask critical patients there, “Why so serious?”)
Backyard Apocalypse(Zombies Franchise)
Far Wars(Sci-Fi Franchise)
Lovely Cowboys(Wild West)
i-Zombies(After all it was a game for gr-phone and gr-pad, although it fell face down the market, grapple fanboys didn’t have a sense of humor)
Dusk to Dawn(Vampires)
United States of Europe:“The Odds of the Even”(A Government strategy Game)
The Conspiracy(mystery adventure Franchise)


My over-succes games is a Drive in open-world Online called :
Simu-Road 2
Simu-Road 3
Simu-Road : Crash Over
Simu-Road 4


The topic here is your best game names, not your best game’s name.


Movie #43 - The Game #43


Evil Undead Bloodsoaked Puppies
Fallout 7 : Trumped


I think I don’t have my best game. But know I’m playing rts games like Sudden Strike 4. This game is osom, for this reason I think this game is my best.


Uhh i think he meant by Your “GDT Best Game Names”


my list:

  • Mobile Gear (combination of Mobile Suit Gundam and Metal Gear names)
  • Phantom of Zeroes (combination of two MGS V titles : Ground Zeroes & Phantom Pain)
  • Ping (Pong parody… not “that” ping :sweat_smile:)
  • Eternal Fantasy (Final Fantasy parody)
  • I’m Programmer, I Have No Life (LOL :joy:)
  • Fall of Titans (Titanfall parody)
  • Fast!, Faster!!, Fastest!!! (racing game)
  • Panzer Festival (tank war game)
  • Live Stranding (Death Stranding parody)
  • It’s Just a PRANK, BRO!!! (:ok_hand::joy:)


Nuke The Wales
Fallout-type game, title gives a nod to The Simpsons, and it might be the first ever game set in a post-apocalyptic Wales. It made an absolute mint!:money_mouth:)