[WIP] Website mod : create your own website!


Are you serious
Or just a troll


you need really github? you don’t know how post a link on a topic? -_-'
New version updated


WOW, you are serious?



Haha, Syntaxerror in first row.
That’s rare.


Er, the code is just :
How the code can be wrong?


Did You end it with another */ ?
It should be /blahblah/


Yes, look the code for more details.


@solal2003 Try this: http://www.javascriptlint.com/online_lint.php


I tried but it tells me nothing special about commentaries. And my game works perfect.


I dont know what to do with :S I dont understand

I’m new so :S




Any vidéo to see what the mod do ?


No. That’s just researches, nothing really special.
PS : You’re French?


Yay i’m from Québec x) i know i write a é instead off e xP

and ok :slight_smile:


I need some help in getting this mod to work! It would be great if someone who got this mod to work posted a video to show what they did.


me too (from France)


Hey Solal, decent mod, just stinks I can’t play it! When I put it in my mods folder and get in game, it has a red background to it whenever I restart the game. Just a bug input there for you as I can’t even select it, sorry I can’t provide more detail!


So does this mod work?:S


I’m the 101th person to click the link! :smile: