[WIP] Platform Randomiser Alpha 0.0.5

mmm i just made a custom console and got an error in codenw.js:413 (is custom)

I suspected there might be trouble with custom platforms. It worked fine when I checked with the expansion mod a month or two ago, but using it with platform mods isn’t thoroughly tested and I’m sure there are things you can do to mess it up (especially related to enabling/disabling while using randomiser affected saves). This is probably Platform Randomiser’s fault. Sorry! If you can get the full error message, that’d be helpful and I could take a look on it.

I do intend to work on compatibility in the future, but I’ve been a lot busier with real life than I expected I would be this year.

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sorta been playing prison architect so sadly i haven’t been playing for the last 3 days, i dont have that mod that clearly shows the message anyways. But thats really about all it said.

Its weird because it did not do this until i made a platform in the research lab, all the platforms in my own mod worked with perfectly, the game held up fine until that moment.

Sorry if this has been asked before but, can a console come out before its predecessor, e.g. Playsystem 2 is launched before the PlaySystem 1 is launched.

Is this mod dead or are you still quietly working on it?

I don’t currently have time to work on it, so it’s on hold. That may change in the future. If anyone else wants to use code from it, they can, under the terms of the MIT license. It’s not actually that big.


This mod is now available on the Steam workshop as version 0.5 . This is the same as the previous version, but updated for the Workshop.

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You might want to update your README file with the MIT license info (great choice btw.).
I think the mod has some real potential, just needs a little bit of balancing (randomization is too extreme at the moment) to be usable.


I will update that when I do a new actual release.

Speaking of which I have been playing with the randomisation a bit. One of the big problems with the numbers it generated was that the consoles didn’t generally follow the game’s difficulty curve at all. The would start off selling 2m +/- 1m usually, and progress to 3.5 +/- 2m. This meant that early consoles were pretty much all OP, and later consoles often weren’t popular enough to sustain the kind of games you need to keep releasing to keep your scores up. I’ve changed from pure randomness to use a non-uniform RNG that’s weighted to keep the values closer to the game’s difficulty curve. This graph shows the difference for one run of the randomiser:

You can see the early consoles are no longer selling 2-3m each, which is very OP at that stage of the game. Another thing you can see is that old generator gave this game very low sales of the entire PS4/mBox One/Nuu generation. If you had exempt PC off here, you would probably just have lost here.

The one issue with the new system is that I’ll need to set marketKeyPoints appropriately for particularly long running consoles, like the PC. At the moment this new system leaves the PC pretty much guaranteed to be useless by the end of the game.

The other thing I want to do is kind of bucket the platforms into categories. e.g. Computers, Consoles, Phones/Tablets and Handhelds. That way I could pick one platform from the Computers category and have that be the lifetime device, so you could have games where the PC failed in favour of the G64/some mod’s Mac/etc.

I know the early consoles look pretty close to their vanilla values, but the thing you have to remember is that the way consoles scale in the game, the difference in sales between the mBox Next and Playsystem 5 (not too consequential for gameplay really) is 8 times the lifetime sales of the Gameling, which was a massively successful console at that stage of the game. See that section at the beginning that almost looks like a flat line? That includes the Vena Oasis outselling the STES by almost 100k, a reversal of the situation in vanilla.


That sounds excellent! Great work.


used with a mod

virtual man succeeds

gameling and TES and STES and Playsystem and Playsystem 2 flop while G64 and Virtual Man last till year 42


This looks really cool, I always feel like I have an unfair advantage knowing what consoles will bomb and what consoles will succeed