[WIP] Platform Randomiser Alpha 0.0.5

That is a good idea even if it is hard… Hopefully GreenHeart sees this…

I was playing a game with this mod, when i realized that one of the consoles was literally bad for all audiences.

A console being unpopular with all audiences can happen. I’m not sure if I should prevent it. It might represent a console with a low attach rate, or as situation like the Wii where a lot of gamers just play the games that came with the console.

Sounds interesting, I’ll try it out.

In case anyone wonders where I disappeared to, I’ve been busy with family stuff and apartment hunting over the last few weeks, plus one of my lecturers decided to give an assignment over the holidays, which sucks. So it might be another week or so before I get back to working on the mod.

I can’t disable random genre matches and random audience matches.

I’ll give it a try

Will this affect modded consoles?


I am having the same problem. As much fun as it is having this, I have to stop using the mod for that same reason.

Pros - I love the randomization of this mod. The nes was for mature audiences and loved strategy and simulation lol It was still the best console even though the playstation and N64 came into play lol

cons - The fact that you can’t just play with random lifespans ruins the options of this mod.

Verdict - Badass mod, keep it up. Only a small bug but once you get it fixed ill be back in bud.

I had a save where the game sphere was a huge success and had the highest marketshare for 15 years

What do you mean? They’re disabled by default. Do you mean that they still occur even if you have the option disabled? Or that the option is stuck enabled once you click it on?

EDIT: Never mind, I see the issue now. Fixed. Download 0.0.5 here

@yutterh Fixed that bug since you ran into it too.

This mod is boss, you should definitely keep up the good work on this, in my game PC died and my arcade platform died with Govodore doing a 10 minute Charleston on their graves.

Very funny, this and the competitors mod adds a ton to the game.

I’m glad to see people having an interest in this mod! It’s really fun and challenging.

Just sold 1.2 million copies of a game (platinum hit) on Govodore 64…on year 4…i love this mod

thats bound to cause a severe cassette tape shortage…

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All those floppy disks…

It would be neat if by releasing hit games on a platform you could stop its early demise (basically extend its life indefinitely until you let it go for too long, like 6 months with no good games and they finally pull the plug)

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Yeah it would be neat to make great games for the N64 and GameSphere and end up having Nintendo platforms dominating the market throughout the game.

Where is will the TES 64 take over the playsystem -1

hmmm i just made a custom console and got an error in codenw.js:413 (is custom)

perhaps its the randomizer mod not playing nice with my newly made console? idk figured i would toss it here since i doubt competitor mod or ultimate lib has anything to do with it. (or maybe they do idk, but i had to dump this one somewhere and randomizer happens to be the one mod that changes the platform’s properties)

edit: going to try removing ultimate lib to see if somehow its the cause, ill leave this here just incase it happens to someone else.