[WIP] Extended GRID

You see, I was waiting for feedback on the first version of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this what you needed help for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes :slight_smile:

Next update is right around the corner, and thanks to @Darkly you should be able to enable this mod on your multiplayer server in a few patches :slight_smile: Changelog:

  • Fixed crash at achievement earn
  • Added engine research, “GRID Support”
  • Pirating!

Heya @Stian

Please feel free to list your mod on this page using the template provided


  • Fixed crash at achievement earn
  • Engine research ‘GRID Support’
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No offence, but a mod like this wouldn’t be added in those mods. It would most likely to be added in the camalot mod by @SirEverard and…ummmmm…i don’t remember.

Integration aka bridging.

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I will create bridges from those mods. I got permission from Darkly at least.

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What do you mean by bridging?

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A bridge is bascially connecting two mods. A bridge between this mod and competitor mod, bascially means that I can fire events with elements from the other mod.

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In next update:


  • GRID Machine!
  • Fixed bug: “achievement activating slowly and you have to create a new game to activate”
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The link is broken, please fix it!!!
Thanks for the mod.


After the next update, I will start working on a bridge to Darkly’s Multiplayer Mod. If you want to enjoy an extended ‘Codename GRID’ with your friends, that means you can :slight_smile: So, in the next real update we will have:


  • Added the ‘GRID Machine’, which is a console the player can research. This console will not provide direct profits, but your montly GRID profits can increase because of it.

  • Achievement galore! Including achievements that are going to be useful in the Multiplayer patch.

  • New engine research: ‘GRID Community Integration’


If you want hands-on the newest beta version, I will keep updating the beta link. Please note that this means that the mod is NOT STABLE! Unfinished functions, crashes and file corruption are common. Only use this if you want to help me with fixing bugs and/or functions. The beta link will be available in the links section.


Is this mod compatible with Camelot?

Technically, yes. If you think about the overall game flow, no. Camelot adds changes to GRID and so does this mod. If you use both mods, you would get a weird overlapping of events and such. I do not recommend it, but it does work.

I don’t have a lot of freetime, but this is the plan for now. You will not get any updates until all the “doing” are finished.

EDIT: Whats this :open_mouth: Almost finished, dont worry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry for all the bumping, but FINALLY! The new update is live.


  • Added GRID machine
  • Basic multiplayer synchronization
  • New achievements (onlineDistribution)
  • New events (moneySpike, gridRelease)
  • New research (gridCommunity, gridRelease)

TY. I’ii try anyway.