[WIP] Expansion: TweakMod - 0.3.1

lol :slight_smile: btw it only displays debug statements when something goes wrong so :slight_smile: not it’s not that bad.

Is that a variable somewhere in CodeNW?

Having this two solutions now, which one would you opt for and why?

Stick a switch in there to turn on and off the flag.

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You could add a setting to let users choose which ones to use…
I think modders will prefer the one with the keylistener to quickly change the game speed without messing around in the settingsPanel…

Haha I see @SirEverard beat me to it :smiley:



Gentlemen, thanks for your valuable hints! it will be done as you desire :wink:
And again I learned something new ;)))

Yeah, since the developers used it, We can use it…
just to make sure we’ll have to ask @PatrickKlug if setting ghg6 to true is safe to use for modders?


I see. Yes, that makes sense to me. Just to be sure if we’re on the safe side and @PatrickKlug agrees with this way of implementing features :slight_smile:

Hello, this looks awesome

I have an idea, maybe you can make someting so the tech and design spheres don’t create so much lag
for example: an option in settings menu that is “decreased spheres on/off”


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Interesting point, @azertyman. Are you talking about the bubbles that go from the characters to the top-bubbles (where t/p points are shown)? What lag do you speak from?

Building up on your thought: What would be if there wouldn’t be bubbles at all? Just imagine the T/P points at top of the screen directly increase their values without those bubbles going from the programmers to the top bubbles. I don’t know if simply turning them off makes make a big difference concerning performance (but in the end, who knows… gotta try it out). In any case I’ll give it a look.

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Please, do that. It lags when making AAA Games, researching in R&D Lab and making an console.


This will certainly help in the game. The alphabit strikes again!


Yes, I’m talking about those bubbles from character to top-bubbles.
The lag is only when i make large or AAA games when i have like 500 tech and design points in a game.
Maybe you could make it so you have 1 bubble for each 25-50 points and put a 25 in it?

Thx for replying! :smile:

Sounds interesting. Let’s see what’s possible and what I can come up with. I like the idea with the 25-50 points. Could be something that can be controlled by some setting just like: Default, None, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100.


Just a quick update and reminder that this project is NOT dead :smile: I’m currently rewriting some parts to work with UltimateLib, so as soon as UL has reached a stable status, so will TweakMod. Currently reimplementing the configuration section to comply with UltimateLibrary.

See UltimateSuite Thread for details of UltimateLib.


I’ve updated the first post with a new image showing the progress of the new integration of TweakMod using UltimateLib.

The next step will be the re-implementation of “Conference Dialog Handling” and the implementation of a “Review Speedup Mechanism”.


when you will launch a “public test” for the mod ?

im tired of clicking, :frowning:

@alphabit Don’t forget to let me know when you have a working build up and running and i will add it to the official mod list :smile:


I can’t wait to use this mod!

any news on the “public test version” ? :frowning: