[WIP] Endgame Renewed V.0.1.3 Final

Will bring you more content after the game is completed, Focus now is everything but later on i will focus most on story. Any suggestions or ideas is welcome.

Engine parts

  • Fov (Field of view)
  • 32Bit Support
  • 64Bit Support
  • Self-Learning AI v2.0
  • Graphics Options
  • Advance Graphics Options
  • Real body movement capture
  • Advance character creation

New Platforms

  • Playsystem 6
  • Mbox Two
  • Orbis
  • Holo

Lab Research

  • Youtube Marketing
  • PR Management
  • 4K UHD



  • 4 announcement for the platforms

  • 4 New follow ups/end of console

Changelog 0.1.2

  • Change names on 2 consoles (thanks to Gamingthrou pointing it out)
  • 2 Event added
  • Lab Research 4K UHD
  • Lowered release dates on consoles even more to work whit Game length 35 and 42 years
  • 2 research added

Changelog 0.1.1

  • Change platforms release dates a bit down
  • Added Some more events
  • 6 Research
  • 1 R&D Research

You need lib version 1.3.1 for this http://gdt-ultimatesuite.abesco.de/

OLD VERSION Download 0.1.0 Test Version http://www.mediafire.com/download/rqvznrc5485h154/FutureExpansion.zip

OLD VERSION Download 0.1.1 Test Version http://www.mediafire.com/download/jlfnu81tm5ut28z/FutureExpansion+0.1.1.zip

NEW VERSION Download 0.1.2 Alpha

New Version 0.1.3 from Kizza​Gaming thanks from him not me on this fix.


First test version is out Would love to get some feedback =)

Hey, Can you give us a list of what you added, eg Which platforms etc?
Also added to official mod list;

Thanks allot for adding it to mod list =)

Yes i will release later tonight 0.1.1 version so will tell what platforms then :smiley:

Edit: Nvm changed it now :smiley:

Playstution should be playsystem
Xbax should be mbox

Yes will change it in next update.

New version is out 0.1.2 leave some feedback please =) Enjoy it

Would love to get some help on creating hardware, that is not my strong side

I was playing with your mod and when I started a new company, I got this error

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'canDevelopLargeGame’
The exception occurred in file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/mods/EndgameRenewed/main/code.js:73

Congratulations! I think you have just discovered a bug in UME :wink:

It should be “canDevelopLargeGames” instead of “canDevelopLargeGame”. Will be fixed tomorrow!

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Good it sorted out i was looking in ume and did not know what i did wrong =P

Will fix it as soon as new version of UME is out

Do you remember my broke file… The error in it was that

please make more update of this mod

Mod doesn’t work. Breaks the other mods. :wink:

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So, @LineLiar said the mod wasn’t working, so i decided to make a unofficial version that fixes the issue
I don’t know if @Charlie and @PatrickKlug are ok with this but i did it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
Please give feedback


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Thanks For me its ok i don’t have any more time to work on mod since i got promoted on work an have to bust my ass even more sorry guys but if anyone wants to continue my work your more then welcome =)

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Heya Guys,

If anyone takes @Aceor up on his offer and continues to expand and fix this mod please let me know so i can delete this thread and edit the Mod list!
Thanks :smile:

Will be this mod on workshop?

Ask the author, he was last online May 11, '14

here is a fixed version I have released EndgameRenewed FIXED