Windows OS poll

You might think that Longhorn is included here. It’s the codename for Vista when its not released.
It’s really awesome than shi**y Vista

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Longhorn
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

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in my opinion, windows 7 is better than xp and longhorn/vista…

but in my opinion XP and 10 is the best of all

but XP is the best of everything

@Uptown_Hoovy i found something a week ago and it was a topic about windows XP on a forum. it was made in 2002, thats the year windows XP released.

Windows 10 isn’t that bad, I don’t have porn on my computer so I don’t care if Microsoft spies on me. AND you have acces to DirectX 12, why not?

how do you make a poll, i want to know that

ok but what’s the question pls

windows 7 is an awesome os. i would say windows 8.1, but i like 7 better than 8.1/10, so…


I was 5-6 i loved windows 98. I was using it. I was born in 2001 and i love retro gaming etc. windows 95 and windows whistler is my favorite os’.

ok try using it today, gl

He means that it’s his favorite OS because he has good memories of it. Dictatorship is my favorite form of government because Democracy is a total mess, but Democracy is a more modern form of government. So modern things (like Democracy or modern OS’) do not have to be better.

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the codename of windows xp correct?

hail windows 10---- nothing here :3

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Of course they do, new theme new things. I like the old classic theme more then luna tbh.

In Windows 10 is bad at old games that i loved.
I prefer Windows 7,8 or 8.1
You should watch Top 5 Reasons Not To Upgrade To Windows 10

Not like many people had a choice, it kind of force installed on lots of windows computers.

They can downgrade it.

But that’s… a pain. However, my windows 10 is broke af and can’t update (altho, it was pre-installed) yet i have the option to downgrade(to win7), which i’m considering, because i don’t like being not up to date.

That does not always work