Why is this game so buggy?

I keep getting a pop up when trying to load the game that the html5Preloader is not defined. Iv’e tried soft resets like restarting computer, uninstalling and re installing the game, but nothing works. I cant find any posts talking about the same thing either. I’m not playing with any mods, and if I was, its not even like I can start a new game because I will just get the same error.

Edit: So I tried the game again and the error had magically disappeared, great. however, now i’m getting the anti piracy boot even though I threw ten bucks at valve and at greenheart in order to get it. What is wrong with this game?

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@Augmentistic, it could just be a problem with the HTML5Preloader and not the game. Make sure you have it on your computer and it’s updated. For the anti-piracy boot, I recommend you just uninstall the game and reinstall it.

If the problems precises, just contact Valve and Greenheart about.

The best way is to contact the people and they will help you. Not much we can do in this forum.