Why does my savefile get useless when G3 pops up?

It’s now the second time that my savefiles keep getting useless because i saved after buying a medium g3 stand and developing a PS2 Game. The Error that pops up is the following: ‘‘InvalidStateError: An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable.’’ and I am using the following mods: * Game Dev Tycoon Mod API by support@greenheartgames.com

  • Financial Services [1.0.2] by Pastract
  • UltimateLib by Francesco Abbattista and Chad Keating
  • Hints by pandavova
  • Camelot Expansion Pack by Chad Keating AKA SirEverard
  • [Mega Update] GDT Extended [BETA 0.1.3] by Death Trap
  • UltimateTopics+ by Blimbo
    and i am currently on version 1.6.15 on Windows on Steam.