White screen on start




Can you please bring more information like os version or game version or mods install. Not just saying help


i have win7 and i dont have any mods yet…


Hello, this is mentioned in the FAQ: (scroll down to “I only see a white screen, what can I do?”)



yea…i verifed steam cache and nothing happens i tried even reinstall


Are you sure it’s not your antivirus that’s causing the white screen? Have you tried adding an exception?




Which antivirus software do you have?


i do exeption on avast and again verifed steam cache but nothing happens.


What happens if you temporarily disable Avast and verify the Steam cache again?


still white screen


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Maybe this helps? :smile:


I done this before.


I can confirm the same problem, I tried every mentioned solution from FAQ and every other threads regarding this, including: reinstalling, file integrity check, vista compatibility, run as admin, no cloud saving, antivirus and firewall exceptions (exception->reinstall->integrity check), I have the latest amd gfx drivers (I even had 14.6 betas but switched back to last stable 14.4), plenty of free space on disk (internal, not flash), tried to run exe directly from game folder, with AV and firewall both disabled. Every time it shows white screen with list of folders of the drive I have the game installed on.

My specs: Win7x64, avast! free, win firewall, 4core AMD AthlonIIx4 2,9 GHz, ATI Radeon HD 5670 1GB, 8GB ram, single FullHD 1080p monitor


Seems like a lot of people who have this problem use Avast, just look at how many clicks the Avast link has in the thread LineLiar linked to.


I used BitDefender until now and it wont work on it too, tried to switch to avast! hoping to solve the problem.


It seems I found a temporary solution, but it is not the way to resolve this at all. I´ve found an older version of the game on the web (v1.3.2) and tried to overwrite its core files over the current ones in game steam folder and it runs game without a problem every time, I didn´t need to use any of the fixes previously mentioned, AV false positive is definitely not causing this IMO.

So it seems that something went wrong with one of the earlier versions and created that bug. The game is really enjoyable so it´s a real shame that it doesn´t work properly and people need to use rather weird methods to actually start the game to enjoy it. Please fix this, it´s really annoying. Thanks.


Update: The newest version I´ve been able to start is 1.4.3, but according to changelog, this version was supposed to fix the Steam achievements not unlocking, it doesn´t. Game registers them fine (like the very first one “Supporter”), but they wont register on Steam overlay or game page.



Sorry to hear about these troubles. The White/Black screen issue can occur for a few reasons. However as you are not getting the Steam achievements either that may be a clue, as that is not the case for most users.

Do you have an onboard graphics chip of any kind?
What kind of network are you on? (School, Work, Public, Private etc)
Have you created exceptions in all of your security programs?