What Have You Guys Been Playing?

So, yeah. What games have you guys been playing? How do you feel about these games? Better yet, what games should I play?

Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, Facturio, Faeria… want to get Civ6 sometime when it’s not 80 CAD. I also always recommend OpenTTD.

CK2 is on sale. You think I should get it?

CK2 is hard as f**k :stuck_out_tongue: but a very nice game.
I’m playing factorio great game, Also checkout Hacknet :smiley:

Hacknet is a bloody brilliant game

I’ve also been playing a lot of Payday 2 recently, it’s new gamemode is pretty fun to play with friends.

Half the reason I wanna buy CK2 is for the awesome Game Of Thrones mod. :blush:

YES, you should!

Stellaris, Dying Light, Rainbow Six Siege, Dishonored and Saints Row 4.

Stellaris is also a good buy if you like space 4X!

Yep, but it’s looser on the strategic side, which opens up more freedom and other fancy, nerdy things. The AI is still pretty crappy and rocket weaponry is broken, so diplomacy or choosing rockets as your starting weapon is a no-no for now. Very good game though.

I’d Say Europa Universalis 4 is harder than CK2, at leas for me. But compared to an average rts, they are certainly more demanding.

So far I’ve been playing in the last few months
-Software Inc.
-Euro Truck Simulator 2
-Cities Skylines
-SimCity 4 (yes I’m still playing an old legend game)
-Team Fortress 2

SimCity 2000 will always be the true legend :raised_hands:

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SimCity 2000 Legendary indeed…Sim City 4 was probably the greatest leap into realistic visuals.

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What are somes of yours favorites games, peoples? Imagine desert island, and you can only bring 3 games, which you play for the rest of your life. What do you bring?

Rainbow Six Siege, 7 Days to die, and No mans Sky

You would bring No Man’s Sky? Honestly, it gets dull as it is. Cannot imagine playing that forever.

That game is definitely only for a select few.

If that were the case:

  1. Anno 1404 Gold (best medieval city building game ever)
  2. The Witcher 3 (one of the best RPG’s next to DeusEx)
  3. Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (been playing this game on and off since 1996)

Yeah, I’d probably bring some sort of simulation game. They usually have good replayability.

  • The Sims 3
  • GTA V
  • ???

Not really sure for the last one. I thought about Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, but I could see myself getting bored of that after a while. Maybe I’d do Overwatch for the last one. I have been playing it a lot recently and loving every second of it.

I’ve never played SimCity 2000 but only SimCity 3000. Instead I accept your opinions and I know that SimCity 2000 was the best game out there. It gave way to 3000, 4, ̶2̶0̶1̶3̶, and Skylines.