What engine should I use for making a 2D game?


I have an idea for making a 2D simulation/tycoon type of game. I kept reading about different type of engines I should use (GameMaker, Unity 3D, Construct 2, etc.) for different types of games.

I have no experience whatsoever in making video-games so learning either of these wouldn’t be a problem.

My game will be 2D, pretty much like GDT (in the way it looks) and I was interested in your opinion. Which engine should I use and why are you recommending it?

Also, how was GDT built (what programming language was used, software, etc.)?

When the game will be done, I promise to reach out to whoever replied here and give out a free copy to each one of you. :smirk:

(That may take some time, given the fact that I’m currently in the “idea phase” but if you’re patient, I will keep my promise regardless of how long it will take. :wink: )

Thanks. :beer:


You mean a engine which doens’t need programmig skills to use?
Oh, and GDT is written in HTML and JavaScript.
I think the engine is named node webkit.
I think…


I recommend http.//godotengine.org to you :wink:


Thanks for replying so far!

Yes, either that or an engine that requires an easy programming language to learn, like JavaScript or Python.

Since I’m not a huge programming guru, I’m trying to make the game with as little programming as possible, altough I’m not not avoiding it completely, if I have to get my hands a little dirty, I will do it.

Thanks Stian, never heard of it. It looks interesting though.


@Curtis Clickteam Fusion 2.5


GDT was coded/written in: HTML/CSS and JavaScript.


I would recommend program whcih @Jediwolf said about, I used it by myself, and it’s good.
You can also use Java or C#.




Java and C# are not easy programming languages to learn. But thanks for the input.

Unity is more 3D oriented. It makes it a little more difficult to make a 2D game than dedicated 2D engines (like GameMaker: Studio & Construct 2).


C# is easy…
At least with Visual Studio…
At least for me…


C# and Visual Studio is nowhere near a game engine, and its not optimized for games in any way shape or form. You wouldn’t even be able to create custom buttons and its just silly that in this day in age, people actually use platform-dependent stuff.

Godot uses a very light language called GDScript and is very 2D-oriented. UI is handled MUCH better than in Unity, and its royalty-free and open-source.


That’s exaclty what I’m considering. Still thinking which to pick between Godot, GameMaker: Studio & Construct 2. That’s the real issue, now that I’ve narrowed my search down.


Okay, I dont see why you should choose Construct 2 or GameMaker. I mean, both cost money! Yes, you can have the free version but that has less functions. Both are also closed-source, which is a shame!

In Godot, you have an AMAZING community on Facebook! You can ask anything, and the developers are online every other hour :slight_smile:

But, the most important - COMPLETELY free and open-source. If you are looking for a team to help you etc, send me a PM and I’ll get you into Nanonical! (our team) That would require your game to be open-source however :wink:


Thanks a lot.

I’m just debating it in my mind which to pick because I want to pick the one that has as many features as possible (I don’t want to find myself mid-project not being able to do something because of the engine’s limitations).

Even if the other two cost money (for GameMaker, the Professional edition is $100), I’m willing to pay if they offer more than the others.

GDT dev time & cost?

@Curtis , Unity 3D is way hard then unity 2D, try it.


Well, they dont. I’ve gotten sick of the big engines trying to sell “more features” when its just marketing.


There is no difference between Unity3D and 2D apart from the viewport. It still uses C# and costs money. A lot.


@Stian ,you don’t need to pay for it , it is free , only the assets in the assets store cost money :stuck_out_tongue:


… do you even know what engine you are talking about?


Unity 3D is my favorite.