What engine should I use for making a 2D game?


@Stian , Yes , I do, bro you might be getting your self scamed from another website.


IMO construct 2 is good, but it has its limits.
again you also need to pay for good exporting options and commercial use.




Them why did you say its free? It has a limited trial version only.


@Stian , there’s no trial version,it’s fully free besides the assests store


Today, we’re gonna have a lesson about Unity. Unity is made by a couple of people wanting to make money. Using the free version limits your features and you cant make a net profit of over 100 000 $. I have Legopigman101 with me today, who refuses to check up on their license page because he’s trying to sound like a smartass. How do you feel about the entire situation, Legopigman? “@Stian , there’s no trial version,it’s fully free besides the assests store” Let me recap just one more time…


@Legopigman101 you must be at a soup kitchen, because you just got served!


That was bad.

@Legopigman101 it’s never free… :cry:


heck ye!


From what I can gather from Unity’s licensing page, is that it does actually state that Unity is free, to some extent. Granted this just gives you half of the features you would get from Unity Pro, the bought version of Unity, but it is free. There are limited trial versions for Unity Pro, however.


It seems you’ve gathered wrong information :stuck_out_tongue:


That just states that companies or individuals with a turnover above 100 000 USD may not use Unity Free, and I highly doubt anyone on this forum have seen a revenue exceeding 100 000 USD.


Exactly, but then you cant say that Unity is indeed 100% free. I didn’t state anything else than this either, and it doesn’t matter if it applies to those on this forum. Its there.


Maybe the GHG staff has seen 100k USD revenue…?


You can bet you they have :wink:


I’ve had good experience with LÖVE. Development speed is great and LuaJIT is awesome.


Then it might be only free in canada.


Hello there! (I’m new to this forum!!) Personally, I think you should try Clickteam Fusion 2.5. It’s very good with its excellent features. Oh, and I’m looking forward to your game. I’ll develop a game soon and maybe when it’s released I could give you all a copy.

EndlessGeek here!


This forum is extremely old. @EndlessGeekPro


Yeah just noticed that.
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