Untitled 2D zombie survival game

Ok, very early in development; but i have something! it’s very simple, an i recognize there are issue and a lack of features.
List of magicalness to be added:
Nice shiny graphix adjustments (rain, shadows, day/night cycle, etc)

W - move towards cursor
Shift + W (hold) - Sprint
left click - shoot (automatic gun)
right click - reload (no ammo count atm, initial mag is 5 rounds, total ammo is unlimited)

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ococyocdhl3yy/New_game

Damn, haven’t missed exporting these games

I will add that eventually (if i continue to develop it) i want to add multiplayer, voip, etc. However, it’s out of my range of knowledge, i wouldn’t know where to start

Here’s a quick demo:


Nice work on that soldier with a weapon, or did someone else draw the soldier?

It isn’t sprinting way too fast, the sprinting is fine :wink:
1 tip: move back the camera a bit more.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: , yeah, the soldier is actually a open source asset.

Camera will be moved back, all i need to do is make the window bigger
Also, i forgot to mention sprint is shift + W

Edit: ekk, i need to make a credits.txt

http://opengameart.org/content/animated-top-down-survivor-player < soldier with animations

also, how does this look for the zombie
source : (http://opengameart.org/content/animated-top-down-zombie)

Make the skin greener. Easy fix.

Hahaha, what a savage! unfortunately, the"Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported" licence has this term:

“You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.”

Either-way, people deserve credit

Anyway, bullets now line up with center of the cursor! (crosshair)
(even though it isn’t visible :frowning: )

Another edit: i hate having to define for each and every frame where the bullet shoots from :frowning:

where is the Uplink rebirth

@Today on the back burner, lost progress due to a computer change over, and it’s ruined the development process for me

:frowning:: Wha-- Bu-- N–


@Lukas_Schuurman tbf, it was probably never going to be complete

Edit: Is it fair that the character can’t move when reloading if reloading only takes 1.25 seconds?

It’s fair, makes the game challenging :wink:

@Lukas_Schuurman Ok, thanks


  • many more animations (Idle, Reload and shoot) (Still melee attack to come)
  • “zoomed” out (scale halfed)
  • Sound!
  • Crosshair “centred” with shooting point (well, it seems like that, not literally how it’s done)
  • Bigger window! (although, it could be changed anyway)
    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/#ococyocdhl3yy


(bullet isn’t rotating)

On created (or while shot button is down) -> Set angle toward Mouse.X, Mouse.Y

And if you want some recoil:

On created (or while shot button is down) -> Set angle to bullet.Angle + random(0,8) degress

Random values are to change of course.

btw. you can give to player 8 direction movement, disable “Default controls” and then in event sheet:

W is down -> Simulate 8Direction pressing Up

@iSenzo yeah, i’m aware :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because of an effect, but i just removed it and it seems to be working fine (doesn’t add much value)
Thanks for the recoil though :slight_smile:

I actually hate the 8 direction movement, so i created it to “follow” the cursor when holding w, however, i do recognise there should probably be movement for “A”, “S” and “D”

Set “Set angle” to “No”, no more auto rotation and of course keep “Set angle toward Mouse.X, Mouse.Y” :stuck_out_tongue:
Any possibility of adding lightning, rain, reflections, grass and shadows? :wink:

@iSenzo egghm shadows, grass, reflections, lighting and rain? :frowning: damn the pressure is on (although, i reckon that would look REALLY nice)

What is the “set angle” to “no” in reference to?


Heh, what about muzzle flash, bullets falling on ground and blood particles?

@iSenzo STOP! you’re making me tempted to do it…

I need to find a decent set of animations for a good muzzle flash, i already looked into it.

Blood particles will come when you die (i hope)

Bullets falling… i’ll try… know a way? (de-spawning them may be a problem?)

However, grass, i need animations (again)
lighting i think is supported in construct 2, but i don’t know how it works
I would imagine reflections are hard
rain, i think i could do , but would require some magicness to make them look nice

See you tomorrow!

Shot, create another object (I recommend new object for fallen bullet), some rotations, a bit of physics and you’re done (I think)

No animation need, just simple one picture then animate it via Sine :wink:

It is but it sucks so you would make sprites, change their blending mode etc.

Ghost Shooter demo

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Almost there!


@iSenzo atm, the rain triggers on start of layout, i made a function to disable the rain(disabled group and destroys all instances of"raindrop", do you know how i would re-enable it

that rain looks like this is CS2D