Unathe Game Studio


I wanted to show you guys this page, it is my new fb page from my own game studio…currently we have a few staff members, and we have a lot of progress on our latest project.

We also offer the following:

If you need help with the art of your game, music, sound or something relative then we can offer you the following deal:

We publish the game for you (getting the game rights + rights of possible sequels), and 50% of the profit, we will help you with what you need to get your game done in exchange.

The persons listed will all sign an contract soon or have already signed a contract.

Some personal Info:

Founders of Unathe:

Name: Aswin Vos
Land of Birth: The Netherlands
City of living: Groningen
Date of birth: 28-09-1997
Something about me: Hello, Im Aswin vos, one of the founders of Unathe, in my daily life im following school, but next year (if I pass my exams) I will start with a study for Game Artist + some programming languages.

Other person still needs to fill in a this form

our game artist(s):

Name: Jacob Fridholm
Land of Birth: Sweden
City of Living: Gothenburg
Date of Birth 23-11-NEIN
Something about me: I dunno

our game programmer(s)

Name: Dario Ortega
Land of Birth: US,
City of Living: MIami
Date of Birth 01/27/1991
Something about me: will write a better one soon

Name: Michael Edmond
Nickname: Angryboy
Land of Birth: United Kingdom, Scotland
City of Living: Darlington
Date of Birth: 12-02-1996
Something about me: I’m Michael “Angryboy” Edmond, currently studied “Games development and programming” and previously studied Computer-science, physics and ICT. I have a particular love of strategy and sci-fi games with heavy stories behind them.

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To summarize;

You abandoned ALL of your previous games? Which had progress?

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Yes we abondend all, we now have an proffesional game programmer, who has a lot of experience, we already have done a lot of work for our current progress…and we wexpect an release within 3 months :wink:

With what technology?

We used Unity :wink:

Erm… Dee coding simulator 5000?

Well, I wont support you then. Good luck.

for another planned game we will use Unreal :wink:

Your “game studio” only has one “professional” programmer?

two :wink:

Well… really if you aren’t making ultra new game mechanics you don’t need that many programmers, since making games with game engine is mostly about creating a nice scenery and good story.

Indeed, we are doing new mechanics, an not used setting etc…but a lot of that work can be done easily…

Also our programmer has experience with oculus rift…but thats just something for the future…

What truly matters is how well the game is programmed. You can’t just be lazy and find a loophole to make it seem the game was programmed correctly. You should take your time, code it correctly, fix all the known issues so the costumers can enjoy it. You may be using a game engine but it’s how well the programmer knows his stuff about programming and how to reduce using so much RAM and so on. Optimization and fixing bugs is something all programmers should know as well as being a good programmer.

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And offcourse we will do this, since our game would be an app we also look at user-friendly ways to show up ads…we decide just in the start menu and when booting up the game…no nasty ads when actually playing it !

and when you have done an micro, then these onces will also don t appear anymore

I agree with @Dayron1234 here. Can I please get a reference to these programmers and exactly how are they “proffessional”?

Dario Ortega, is an programmer as his proffesion :wink:

I would love to see proof :slight_smile:

In wich way, So I can provide it to you : ) ?

Just ask him to contact me, stian@nanonical.com.

I`m very sorry but we don t hand any personal info like Phone numbers, and e-mail to strangers.

I can send you an list of games he worked on, and maybe the company he worked on :wink: