Unathe Game Studio


He will send me an link with a dropbox of games he created :wink:

note: the games here are unfinished ones or games that aren t working anymore


Is this his fb page? (==programmer)


It is


@Stian n www.boomdit.com
well it isn`t his dropbox, but some test stuff he has done


Look, you’re taking this way too seriously. You’re 13 and there’s no reason to act 16. Anyway, not really impressed. Well, have fun you 2!


Im 17 dude xd…turning 18 28th september :wink:




If you still remember it
or at least Stian

I hope you will make anything this time…


ASk Jacob if he knows PewDiePie.


I know who he is, but I don’t know him in person.


alpha 0.1 of one of our current projects is already being tested :slight_smile:


Basic engine is done, and the first features are programmed :slight_smile:

(TubeTube Tycoon)


Didn’t you say your “programmer” was good with Unity?


This is not being made with Unity :wink: and another programmer :wink:


Okaay… So why did you bring up Unity previously?


Because, Pawn Shop Tycoon is being made with unity :D, By Dario (Some people still need to fill in the form like I the designer and one of the programmers has done)


Nice language…
is this hungarian netherland-ian…?


Yes its Dutch :slight_smile: Unathe is the Zulu word for drink haha




Our first game, Duncan the dodger (little flappy bird inspired game (other setting and mechanics) (being created to be entered at my study) will be released this Sunday/Monday !

Its a game about Duncan who needs to dodge planes, meteors, birds and other kind of flying stuff and need to score points…every 30 seconds the game speeds changed…duncan is controlled by the up and down key.

Stay tuned, if you got any ideas for such a game, pleas let us know !