Um what do you do if you want to get a update but the emails not there


i need help the reason is in the title of this topic




Send an email to


yeah but thats not working


Like EvoGamer said, contact @Charlie!


ok ok i contacted Charlie


She (I think? Meh.) or He will help you to get the download page.


i still havent gotten a reply to the message


Its sunday and I had a day off :green_heart: , i have pm’d you. You just need to email but the reply may not be instant, we all work in different timezones and we don’t all work weekends!


you can also try an alternative option not with email so can be with the number. If you using AT&T Email and need help for the issues of AT&T Email Not Working, please feel free to visit our website, to find the best methods to fix the issue.